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Shypple — #1 Dutch Startup of 2019, revolution in container shipment

View costs for cargo shipment, make bookings and follow the shipment status in the best container shipment solution.

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Shypple mvp

Uber — side systems for Uber by Moqod

Systems for Uber’s operations on new markets

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Uber project

Whoppah — First class solution for second-hand home art and design

Solution for one of the top marketplaces offering second-hand items for your home.

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Whoppah app

Bittiq — Top Fintech solution to optimize all your expenses

Bittiq is the latest innovation in Fintech. This app analyses your bank account, categorizes, and analyzes how users spend their money. The app can also see where you can save money and which subscriptions you can get cheaper.

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Bittiq app

Amsterdam Smart City — Guide to the world's leading smart city

Top Smart City platform for urban innovation and stability. Bringing together citizens and governments for a better future.

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Amsterdam Smart City app

CARU — BI Solution for the world's leading container trader

Light solution for heavy lifting. CARU is a global container traider, which rents out new and used shipping containers across the globe, operating from offices in 8 countries.

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Caru containers web

Learned.io — Innovative employee performance and career management solution

One platform with tools for performance, career and learning management to continuously develop employees. Empowering employees to do their best work.

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autoSense — Your car in one app

Digitize your car info. Bringing the technology of connected cars to life and making it usable for drivers.

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AutoSense app

Bern Welcome — The capital of Switzerland at the reach of your hand

Your personal intelligent guide to the city of Bern. A detailed city map, ideas for restaurants, museums and activities in and around Bern, as well as an overview of current events

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Bern app

EZ-GO — Simple solution for all factory floor operations

Simple, intuitive and visual app for factories with digital checklists, first-line maintenance tasks and audits

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EZ-GO app

Five Up — Solution for volunteering work in cooperation with the Swiss Red Cross

Finding help or searching volunteering work has never been easier. Free platform for volunteers and voluntary activities developed together with the Swiss Red Cross

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FiveUp app

Dutch National Park Hoge Veluwe — Solution to preserve flora and fauna

One of the most famous Dutch national parks, Hoge Veluwe, in one app. Monitoring and improving the park’s biodiversity through a user-friendly solution.

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Hoge Veluwe app

HR Groep — Smart Public Space and Road Management IPSm app

All public traffic signs, available digitally. Design and manage public space in a smarter and more sustainable way.

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IPSm app hrgroep

Internet Marketing Union — Leader of the Dutch digital market space

IMU is the largest Internet marketing platform in the Netherlands. Together, we have created the project Phoenixsite.nl –online website constructor with advanced SEO, analytics, and conversion features.

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Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure — Rijkswaterstaat

Solution for optimization and digitalization of traffic scenarios and response plans, developed for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure.

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SURF — Dutch association of educational and research institutions in ICT

Search portal for students and researchers of the Dutch education and research association

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Babysitting Solution — Swiss Red Cross

Learning application for the Babysitting Course by the Swiss Red Cross. Important facts about babysitting with info texts, videos, animations, graphics and photos.

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babysitting app

Swisscom Roaming Guide — Data roaming costs

Overview of the current rates data costs abroad, tips on how to plan and prepare a trip, as well as valuable information and telephone numbers for your stay.

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Swisscom app

Whoomp — Ultimate shopping list for the most demanding shoppers

One of a kind solution matching the clients' wishes with the best deals on the market

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Whoomp app

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