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Projects we successfully developed

Moqod was contracted by Uber to create side systems supporting their operations on new markets. Moqod delivered a platform for newly on-boarded Uber drivers to find best car-leasing deals and get support for trainings. The platform has been launched on the developing markets like Russia and Latin America.

Moqod has worked for Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Transport and Environment) on different projects. One of the projects is about the digitalization of so-called Scenarios or Response Plans. Governments use response plan to plan a range of traffic measures, such as marks along the roads and traffic lights.

Palladio group is the partner of the (semi-) government for the integral management and control of organizations, programs and projects in the physical living environment.

HR Groep is a company provides tools for monitoring public spaces, including road condition and traffic signs.

SURF is the collaborative IT organization for Dutch education and research. SURF offers students, lecturers and scientists in the Netherlands access to the best possible internet and IT facilities.

The project was developed for the Amsterdam Smart City initiative which is a part of the Municipality of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Smart City is a platform for urban innovation and sustainability. It attracts hundreds of innovation tourists to Amsterdam, who comes there to learn and export urban technologies.

Internet Marketing Union is the biggest internet marketing platform in the Netherlands. IMU has augmented its team in Amsterdam with a dedicated PHP developer from Moqod. Together we worked on project Phoenixsite.nl – an online website constructor with advanced SEO, analytics, and conversion features.

Shyppe is a successful Dutch startup that revolutionizes container shipment across the globe. Moqod released the initial MVP for Shypple which was the technical foundation for further success. In short – Shypple is an easy way for customers to view costs for cargo shipment, make bookings, and follow their shipment status. Before Shypple this was a non-transparent old fashioned business.

SupportPoints is a Dutch online digital platform that connects clients with PLC problems with experts who support malfunctioning PLC’s and software modifications. With an international network of 2.500, PLC-experts SupportPoints provides the knowledge and know-how to serve any controllers, both obsolete and more recent from the major brands like Siemens, ABB, Allen-Bradley, and Schneider Electrics.

Bittiq is the latest innovation in fin-tech. This app analyses your bank account, categorizes, and analyzes how users spend their money. The app can also see where you can save money and which subscriptions you can get cheaper. Moqod developed this app together with Bittiq for Bunq, the first online-only bank in the Netherlands. It will be available for other banks as well.

Learned is a solution for continuous performance management that help businesses to engage their employees and increase their productivity. Learned is designed to easily structure and automate continuous performance management processes such as coaching one-on-ones, goal setting interviews, performance reviews, and learning management.

CARU Containers is a global container trader operating eight offices worldwide. CARU Containers aims to make buying and leasing containers as easy as possible. Like containers, the company is always on the move, exploring new countries, new ways of trading, and new digital technologies.

Whoppah is the smart first class in the second-hand marketplace for your home. On Whoppah, you can buy and sell second-hand items, handmade items, showroom models, and vintage design classics. From art to furniture, from modern to antique, you will certainly find something you like.

Since 2012 Moqod has worked with Apps with Love AG (appswithlove.com) on multiple projects of all sizes and types. Apps with Love is an award-winning app development agency from Bern, Switzerland. Apps with Love is also one of the best-known and biggest app agencies on the Swiss market.

Project EZ Factory is an iPad and web application developed for a Dutch customer who provides process and continuous improvement consultancy services to large factories.

Herofi (herofi.com) is an American customer who develops a cloud marketing automation platform for all possible screens and devices. A team of 4 dedicated engineers from our office in Kyiv is employed by Herofi. The team consists of experienced frontend developers who work on the core parts of Herofi platform in close collaboration with the team in California.


Matching the clients’ wishes with the best possible price online — a dream come true. Moqod and Robin van der Vliet have launched Whoomp — a brand-new demand-driven eCommerce platform. The client makes a wish list with their demands, Whoomp scans the internet for the lowest price, and notifies the client of the results. 

Biodiversity is an Android app and a CMS developed in partnership with Studio Kort for one of the most famous Dutch national parks Hoge Veluwe.

There’s a difference between feeling safe and being safe. Together with Coremans Consultancy, Moqod launched 500Feet mobile app, which is now officially life on.

iThrivd is a budgeting, expense tracking, and gamified personal finance management application designed to help you level up to the different stages of Financial Freedom.

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