Industry: #manufacturing, #digital transformation

Project EZ Factory is an iPad and web application developed for a Dutch customer who provide process and continuous improvement consultancy services to large factories.



Every factory operates by a set of routines and rules. These rules and routines need to be delivered to dozens of workers and managers across different departments and shifts. So there is a ton of paperwork being handed out across factories. Once the job is done at the end of the day, these papers would be returned to operations and management to enter the data into XLS or internal ERPs. As you can imagine, this results in a big mess and time waste for a large organization.


Today the best content delivery and distribution channel is obviously a mobile app. The app would solve the problem of presenting proper tasks to the workers on recurring basis and also record the results of their work seamlessly without the need of re-typing them by somebody else.

EZFactory partnered with Moqod to create this technically complex solution, but easy in the core for the end user. Using internal design-driven practices and workshops with the customer Moqod created a clean and simple UI/UX design for the app. After a number of agile sprints the app was met by the launching customers.


The solution was adopted with great enthusiasm in multiple factories. The app is an easy way for workers to view their routines, perform tasks, checklists and audits. For the management it is a great tool not only to distribute the routines, but also to analyze reports and act on exceptions.