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Frontend development

Frontend or client-side is the UI (user interface) you see and interact with. In other words, it is the web site or the app in the hands of your users. Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are utilized by frontend developers.

Moqod has extensive experience in building rich UI, responsive web applications. Our frontend developers implement elegant designs using the most up-to-date technologies. In addition, we focus on development of Interactive, user-centric web sites.

Our team of designers, product managers, and engineers are ready to support you at all stages of the development process. Our designers create beautiful, customer-centric websites following guidelines from the best designers. Our product managers support you in every step of the product lifecycle: from development to marketing, by focusing on the product and its outcomes.

The development team of Moqod is proficient in modern frontend frameworks, such as React.JS and Vue.JS. Both Vue and React are proven modern technologies that are heavily supported by companies like Facebook, Google, and many more. These JavaScript frameworks are the best fit for building swift and beautiful frontend applications.

Our nearshore developers have helped a number of clients to launch their frontend apps. We have available frontend developers with experience in Vue.JS and React.JS. Check out our references.

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