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Changing customer behavior and technology advancements make constant innovation mainstream in Fintech. See how Moqod could equip traditional financial services with modern digital technologies to make them safer and more user-friendly.

Catch-up the digitalization wave

The FinTech ecosystem challenges traditional banks and institutions nowadays. Managing accounts online, insurance underwriting, small loans platforms, and online payment gateways — those are a few of numerous examples of emerging digital services. In the era when the data is a new gold, we work with FinTech companies like Bittiq and Cashboard to equip them with valuable insights. Expense management apps for collecting customer data is one of the examples of how to learn more about customers’ behavior for smarter decision-making.

Take advantage of intelligent self-learning algorithms and other emerging technologies

AI (Artificial Intelligence) & API (Application Programming Interfaces)

Automate every step towards the client: IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and chatbot support to respond to customers 24/7.

Cloud technologies

Simplify the accessibility and visibility of all customer and business data on a single application and to handle data access requests effectively.

Data analytics

Real-time information processing dashboards and widgets to manage and report effectively on the data that they store.

Mobile & Online payments

Follow the downward trend in cash usage by employing mobile and online payment methods integrated directly in the application.

Smart Integrations

Combine mobile wallets, video and voice chats, and data analytics and dashboards, electronic payment systems with current offerings to make them viewable in a complete interface.

Software development expertise











Our work example

Bittiq is the latest innovation in fin-tech. This app analyses your bank account, categorizes, and analyzes how users spend their money. The app can also see where you can save money and which subscriptions you can get cheaper. Moqod developed this app together with Bittiq for Bunq, the first online-only bank in the Netherlands. It will be available for other banks as well.

Our work example

Cashboard was developed by Moqod for entrepreneurs who want to have a good insight into their cash flow. With Cashboard, you can make a dynamic cash flow forecast, with a direct synchronization with accounting. It was aimed to replace time-consuming and error-prone Excel models that have to be adjusted manually every time. It contains smart graphical visuals with expected income and expenses ideal for creating cash scenarios. Cashboard is available on the iPad, so it is perfect for finance meetings and presentations.

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