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Custom Software Development

We are Moqod, a software agency from the Netherlands with a global outreach. We offer a fair and transparent approach to development and implementation of custom software solutions.

Mobile App Development

Thanks to our experience in Progressive Web Apps, iOS and Android development, we develop attractive user-centric apps. Our portfolio of launched applications encompasses global brands like McDonald’s, Swisscom, and Red Cross.

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Cloud computing

We work with cloud hosting, cloud migration & serverless solutions. Hosting your app on Amazon Cloud, maintenance updates, monitoring, security, and tech support – this all is covered by our SLA. The key advantage of cloud services is the possibility to pay upon the fact of usage.

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Web development

Progressive Web App development is one of our core services. Moqod employs a team of experienced Full Stack or specialized Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Data Scientists, and AI Specialists to support your project, depending on its particular needs.

Web development by Moqod

Cyber Security

Our work complies with the highest quality standards in a cyber security area. Our systems and applications of our customers are adequately protected. We will take care of your data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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What do we do as a Software Development Agency?

We have combined all development stages into a single production process: from ideas to complex industry technologies. Our team is thriving on all digital solutions.

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What do we do as a Software Development Agency?

Our development approach


Deep problem understanding. At this step we investigate and analyze the idea behind the product.


Rapid prototyping. We simulate the product for testing and validation before the MVP development.


Building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This is the most basic working prototype of your future solution.


Digital Product Development. It helps maximize the user experience by improving the user’s journey within the solution.


We repeat this flow as many times as necessary to make sure the product we tailor is really matching your initial goal.


Transparent pricing. The average monthly cost for a software developer from Moqod is 6000 EUR

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