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Hoge Veluwe Biodiversity

Biodiversity is an Android app and a CMS developed in partnership with Studio Kort for one of the most famous Dutch national parks Hoge Veluwe.


Hoge Veluwe is one of the prominent landmarks of the Dutch nature and wildlife. It is spread over 55 square kilometers and can boast a whopping 14000 of flora and fauna species. This heritage needs to be well treated, documented, and preserved for the future. For doing so, the park rangers would walk around the park taking written notes on paper about their observations. Then this paper would dust in archives.


Studio Kort came up with the idea to make a mobile app for the rangers to improve their operations. Moqod has been chosen as the development partner. Together we created an Android app where park rangers can search and view all park species, mark their location in the park and type the observations with photos attached. All data would be synced with the CMS, so no more paper notes!


The project resulted in improving internal operations of the National Park Hoge Veluwe, provided an easy way for the rangers to enter their observations and for the management a tool to monitor the data and make proper decisions.


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