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Dutch National Park Hoge Veluwe

Moqod Goal:

Hoge Veluwe is one of the prominent landmarks of Dutch nature and wildlife. To take care of it, park rangers need to treat and preserve the species while documenting everything. Due to the large amount of work, there was a strong need for a paperless solution.


Studio Kort and Moqod created an Android app where park rangers can search and view all park species, mark their location in the park and type the observations with photos attached. All the data is synchronized with the CMS. Monitoring and improving the park’s biodiversity through a user-friendly solution.

More about the solution:

Hoge Veluwe spreads over 55 square kilometres and can boast a whopping 14000 flora and fauna species. The data keeps growing within the application, which is working seamlessly. Rangers can enter their observations and the management can monitor the data and make proper decisions.

Technical implementation:

the client needed mobile applications to complete their product. The smart public space management solution required a robust frontend where users could view, input, and edit the data for public spaces. So the team of developers from Moqod has made a decision to develop native iOS and Android applications to fulfill the client’s goals. The iOS application has been programmed with Swift and Kotlin was used for Android.

Project team: The project has been delivered by a team of four from Moqod: iOS, Android developers, QA engineer, and a project manager. The total project duration from start to release was four months.

Solution to preserve flora and fauna

Moqod has 10+ years of experience in custom software development. Our skills and proficiency in building solutions with sophisticated, detailed, and interactive databases have allowed us to help Hoge Veluwe become a successful Android solution, with a large goal to preserve flora and fauna.

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