Industry: #eCommerce, #demand-driven,#marketing
Technology: #PWA,#Django, #SerpAPI,#RapidAPI

Whoomp is the ultimate wishlist!

It benefits you from new purchases and helps to combat the abuse of raw materials. Win-Win, in a sexy package!

The problem

The client had an idea to create a web app which would allow a customers to do the following:

  • Searching products in Google shopping catalogue (using QR or barcode).
  • Check product’s overview, including its price.
  • Set a price for which a customer would like to purchase the following product.
  • Receive email notifications regarding the price changes of the product.

Thus, a customer would purchase a product within his/her budget.

The approach

To validate the idea, at the MVP stage, we decided to implement this project using the PWA (progressive web application) approach. For the backend, we used Django based backend solution, for the possibility of expansion and growth in the future and working with 3-rd party API services. Also, there is no need to redo the backend if the client wants to abandon PWA and create Flutter or native applications for mobile devices. We connected SerpAPI to find and receive information about the product, and Rapid API for price tracking.

The result

The final stage of the project was the release and going into production. It is a PWA with a Django backend, ready for further development and expansion. The app has been integrated into the client’s existing website (whoomp.com)

Thus, our web application can work on any device and does not need to be published in app stores. In 3 weeks we built a ready-to-publish working solution for verifying the client’s idea.


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