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Marketplaces and E-commerce solutions

Development of marketplaces for e-commerce and peer-to-peer users has been one of Moqod’s key expertise areas. Online retail and trade are the engine of the digital economy of today.

The wide adoption of online shopping and vast availability of online goods and services became the ground for successful startups in this domain. This drove a lot of innovative projects and clients for Moqod. As a result, Moqod has gained trust and experience in developing large scale platforms for e-commerce, gig, and creative economy.

Uber, Airbnb, Etsy, Fiverr are some of the most popular examples of marketplace platforms. This caused a revolution in the service and retail industry. The so-called “uberization” of the economy created multiple opportunities in today's creative and gig economy, opening a lot of space to new ideas and startups. In addition, Digital technologies enable direct connection between the providers and consumers.

Generally, all marketplace platforms can be grouped by the target audience. Our e-commerce and marketplace platforms portfolio includes multiple successful projects in the B2C, B2B, and P2P sectors.

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B2B marketplaces

Digital transformation of businesses today leads to the growing demand in digitizing procurement for goods, services and logistics. As a result, the landscape of B2B marketplaces is growing every year, creating innovation to optimize processes or save costs. Moqod, being a B2B company first, has successfully delivered development services for B2B marketplaces.

One of the most prominent examples is Shypple, a cutting-edge booking platform for sea freight. Shypple is one of the global leaders in the field of online freight forwarding, a breakthrough in the logistics B2B domain. Shypple simplifies container booking, making it as easy as buying a plane ticket. From original MVP in 2016, today Shypple is estimated to make a turnover of 250 million EUR globally. View Shypple case study.

Moqod is happy to share our experience in developing successful cases for B2B commerce.

B2C marketplaces

E-commerce became one of the drivers of global trade. Billions of people purchase goods or services online. Online retail is entering all spheres of commerce increasing demand for development of webshops and e-commerce solutions. Moqod became a trusted partner for software development services for various B2C commerce platforms. Our portfolio of B2C marketplaces includes projects for Uber and Whoomp.

Uber hired a team from Moqod to create a platform to improve driver onboarding on new markets by providing a marketplace to search for the best rates for lease and insurance. Read more about this case study in our portfolio.

Whoomp partnered with Moqod to develop their innovative marketplace platforms where consumers determine the price. Based on the customer data Whoomp enables retailers to provide the best deals for the products in stock. Check out this case study.

P2P marketplaces

Do you want to develop the next eBay or Etsy for a special niche? That is a P2P (peer-to-peer) marketplace that Moqod can deliver for you. P2P marketplace platforms connect the supplier and customer directly. The portfolio of our customer projects includes P2P e-commerce platforms for trading both goods and services.

Whoppah is the next-generation P2P marketplace for secondhand luxury items, such as furniture, design and artwork. Whoppah together with Moqod launched the original MVP of the platform. Today it is one of the fastest growing e-commerce startups in the Netherlands. Read more about Whoppah app in our case studies.

FiveUp is a platform created for Swiss Red Cross where people can offer their volunteering services. The micro-jobs can be posted on the platform and purchased by others. It is an innovative application on the Swiss market, one of the first apps for the gig economy in Switzerland. Find out more about this project in our portfolio.

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