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Moqod has been a trusted partner for solving digital challenges for cities and govementments. We have served clients like Amsterdam Smart City, Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure), city of Bern and many more. Our expertise lies in the area of digital transformation, smart cities, and mobility

Wide adoption of technology has opened new possibilities for cities and governments. Digital solutions are used to optimize and improve shared spaces, create better services for citizens. Big data and crowdsource content enable public officers to make data-driven decisions. With the shift from closed source to open source solutions in public space IT services, there is a huge change that brings an opportunity for development of innovative applications. This also raises a number of concerns for privacy issues and data protection.

Having experience in building complex cloud and mobile platforms, Moqod became the preferred provider of technology in the public domain. Our data-driven and design-thinking approach has helped build a number of applications for citizens. Moqod has been a supplier of sustainable solutions, mobility platforms and AI apps for better infrastructure and urban living.

Our software development expertise for the public sector, cities and governments

Mobile apps
Web applications
AI and ML
Digital Transformation
Cloud migration
API integration

Moqod has a proven track record and a rich portfolio of smart solutions for the public sector. Our web and mobile applications have made a significant change and improvement for thousands of people worldwide. Our focus is on providing smart solutions to improve sustainability, infrastructure, safety and urban living. Moqod provides technological solutions to governments and cities in the following domains.

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Mobility and traffic management is one of the main areas to apply smart innovative products. In the constantly moving and accelerating world, transport flows need to be always optimized to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Software and digitalization can be seen everywhere on the road from A to Z. Here are some selected references of our work in the mobility domain

Road scenario management solution for Rijskwaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure)

Every road is a what-if scenario where the traffic flows by specific rules and algorithms. The goal of the pilot project for Rijkswaterstaat was to digitize all scenarios on all roads across the Netherlands. This is a digital transformation project where old paper-based scenarios are converted into digital format with the help of the software. This was a custom web application created for traffic operators and engineers of Rijkswaterstaat. With the help of multiple API connections and 3rd party data, the road scenarios could be entered and viewed online.

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IPSm app for HR Groep — smart public space management solution

IPSm stands for Intelligent Public Space Management. This mobile app for iOS and Android has been developed for HR Groep is a leading provider of road signage and safety solutions in the Netherlands. The goal of the mobile application is to convert all traffic signs and street signage from the analog real world into the digital cloud environment. With the help of this solution street workers and traffic managers always see up-to-date and precise information about all boards on the Dutch road network.

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autoSense.ch — connected cars solution for Swiss drivers

autoSense is an innovative mobility solution for connected cars in Switzerland. This project aims to connect all vehicles and drivers on Swiss roads to increase road safety and efficiency. The project is a joint effort of Moqod and Apps with love together with Zurich Insurance Group and Swisscom.

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Smart Cities

Moqod has been a supporter and contributor to technologies of smart cities. Our mission has been to create a better working and living environment for ourselves and our employees, so Moqod has been involved in a number of smart city applications. We strongly believe that cities, when connected with data, technologies and digital solutions can be better places for living and also business. Here are some of our references in the smart city space.

Amsterdam Smart City guide

Moqod designed and developed a mobile application for Amsterdam Smart City. This iOS and Android application is a guide for delegations that come to explore various solutions and technologies implemented in Amsterdam. Using a powerful AR (augmented reality) feature the app makes it possible to see the future of Amsterdam, how technology will change the city.

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Bern Welcome app

Together with Apps with love, Moqod has created a digital assistant for tourists in the city of Bern, the capital of Switzerland. The app is a virtual companion to the city. User experience is enhanced with augmented reality (AR) feature that displays hidden gems of the city.

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