Moqod develops smart solutions 
for mobile, web, gadgets

From the Netherlands across the globe.


Initially started as an app agency in 2008, now Moqod delivers apps on all smartphones and web.


Need to scale fast with top developers from Eastern Europe at a reasonable cost?


Import highly-skilled IT talent into the Netherlands. Recruitment, visa support and on-boarding.


From idea to product prototype with 3 easy steps and 3000 EUR.


Bots are revolutionizing the Internet today. Moqod has the experience and skills to create bots.


With background in embedded software engineering we at Moqod are able to build your smart device and software for it.

About Moqod

Moqod develops applications for mobile, web and IoT devices - smart solutions which can be used on web, your mobile phone or any online gadgets. We are based in the Netherlands and from here we serve customers around the Globe. Moqod was founded in 2008 as an app development studio by a bunch of technology fans. From there we evolved into a full-cycle software production company that we are today, covering all aspects of software development process: prototyping, design, development, quality assurance and maintenance.
Read more... Apart from building software for clients, Moqod also helps customers set up nearshore development centers in Eastern Europe. From our locations in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus our dedicated development teams deliver software to their clients in the EU and the USA. Excellent technical skills bundled with proper management, communication skills and prices make this model extremely attractive.

How do we work?

The processes inside Moqod are based on Agile methodologies. Read more... Development is separated into smaller cycles, at the end of each we deliver a testable version of the product. Moqod is a remote-first company. We have small offices at our locations, but a lot of employees work from wherever they are comfortable. Our culture is based on innovation, honest direct feedback and trust – truly Dutch style.

Who do we work for?

Moqod is diverse with expertise in many areas. Read more... We are active in many different segments of the industry. This means we provide a multitude of services, for various customers. Our clients are start-ups as well as larger corporations.
We're happy 
to work with
"Moqod was the ideal team to develop our app. It was an ambitious project pushing into new areas and new markets but thanks to the Moqod’s hard work, dedication and commitment it was a success."
tomvanarman Tom van Arman    |    Smart City app developer, Appsterdammer, Founder
"We worked with the people from Moqod with great pleasure. Their approach towards project management is one of the best we have come across. They are very professional from the start and for sure."
renevandermeijden Rene van der Meijden    |    Partner Dispatch United
"It has been a pleasure hooking up with Moqod. All team members were proactive throughout the project, continuously trying to make the app even better and “sexier”. Our customer was happy with the result and a lot of ideas have emerged for future projects."
coendahlhaus Coen Dahlhaus    |    Founder GiffDiff
"Finding dedicated developers is not an easy task. Moqod has outstanding communication and development skills. We appreciate their active collaboration and look forward to future projects with this awesome team."
stephanklaus Stephan Klaus    |    Co-founder at Apps with Love
"Moqod team are clearly experts at iOS app development. We’ve been really impressed with their technical skills and professionalism. When they promise something they deliver on time and with high quality code. And as an added bonus they are cool guys, speak perfect English, and are a pleasure to talk to!"
stevelackenby Steve Lackenby    |    Co-Founder & COO of TulaCo
"I've worked with Moqod on different projects over time, and I am very impressed with the work that they have delivered. The quality is very high and the communication is easy. I met them once in Kiev, and my impression is that they both have a high passion for their jobs and a high professional pride."
froekjaer84 Tommy Frøkjær    |    Co-owner at WEXO ApS
"Thanks to Moqod we could realize our very successful app in Germany “McDonald's Deutschland Regio”. Behind Moqod sits a very competent team. We were always surprised how well and quickly the Moqod-Team could implement this. Disciplined, accurate and on time they did their work reliably.

For us, this has become so enthusiastic that we look forward to many more collaborations!"
andreasguendisch Andreas Gündisch    |    Managing partner at Gündisch & Friends Werbeagentur
"My partner and I have had the pleasure of working with Moqod for over three years. It is not an exaggeration to say that without them our company would not be what it is today. They have great ideas, pay attention to detail and are always up on the latest technologies.

Anyone who gets to work with them can count themselves lucky."
jennifermoffienoonan Jennifer Noonan    |    Partner appsNminded
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