We develop innovative apps and software for top clients using the best talents.

Employing 60 professionals and growing globally. In the Netherlands and nearshore. From concept design to development with agile best practices.

Trusted by

  • http://www.rijkswaterstaat.nl/
  • https://www.uber.com/en-UA/cities/moscow/
  • http://www.newsmaxtv.com/
  • http://www.egeniq.com
  • http://www.appswithlove.com
  • http://herofi.com/

Key offerings

  • Project-based assignments
    Project-based assignments
    The model is suited for customers who have a specific software project that needs to be developed, extended, or supported. Moqod delivers software and apps for customers on a fixed-budget or per hour conditions.
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  • Nearshore software developers
    Nearshore software developers
    Moqod will hire, set up, and manage your own team of software developers in Ukraine. Any technology stack, excellent skills, fully managed, flexible contract. Moqod guarantees the best candidates that match your requirements.
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  • Enterprise innovation and digital transformation
    Enterprise innovation and digital transformation
    Utilizing today’s technologies like voice and video recognition, VR, AR, smart chatbots Moqod helps customers to improve their internal processes, solve problems, and increase the revenues.
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