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Moqod is an agile software development partner
for entrepreneurs and tech companies

Develop successful digital products

We bring engineering and business ideas to life through innovations. Hand-to-hand with clients we accelerate the growth by eliminating uncertainty and aligning digital products to the market needs.

Rapid prototyping

Building working prototypes fast and smart to ensure product market fit for a powerful start and further scalability.

Ideas validation

Helping to minimize the risk by implementing data-driven experiments with concepts prior to launching the product.

MVP building

Developing MVPs around the core features of the future product and launching it to get the first user's response.

Software development

Engineering, maintaining, and supporting on-premise software products both for startups, and enterprises.

IT consultation

Advising on the best technology choices, architecting software that matches and supports your business needs.


Monitoring, maintaining, supporting your software after delivery for both solving issues on the go and preventing layoffs.

Who we are

At Moqod, we empower our clients by helping them overcome complex engineering by building a cohesive, synergetic software development partnership where we are fully dedicated to the end goal. We do this by providing top-level solutions of the highest quality while following an agile mindset.

For more than ten years, we have developed custom software for clients from a variety of industries, helping them catch the wave of a rapidly changing innovative world. We not only write code, but we translate complex technologies into the language of successful, user-centric products. Products that attain an affinity with their users, making them loved by many.

We are international software development company with a team of talented professionals from different cultural backgrounds.

We celebrate our variety and believe that non-homogeneous surrounding is the best environment to boost creativity. We value non-standard approaches, innovative thinking, and constant inventions.

We exchange cross-border experiences bringing the best practices from country to country. Headquartered in The Hague, we are working with the top talented developers from the number one world destinations.

We deliver solutions for:

For tech entrepreneurs

Quick, iterative approach for launching products in uncertain conditions and with limited budgets

For enterprises

Launch internal startups, innovative ventures and corporate spin-offs

For agencies & consultancy

Skilled, remote developers working side-by-side with your team

For investors

Technical partnership and advisory

We are trusted by

Moqod is our trusted and highly competent partner — for app development and also our joint venture platform Location-Based Services, highly complex security issues, the world of iOT – we have managed to solve any client problem together so far. Moqod can code exactly the way we design it.

Michael Schranz

Head of Marketing at Apps with Love AG

I can only recommend Moqod without any reserve. A fantastic team, honest, creative, great advisors and above all real partners in your app development project.

Farah C. Jaber

Podcaster, influencer, owner of iThirvd

The Moqod team was highly professional and delivered the product on time, despite a tight timeline. Working with Moqod was a great experience and I would welcome the opportunity to work with the team again on future projects.

Amsterdam Smart City

Cornelia Dinca

Amsterdam Smart City

Our expertise

Cloud solutions

Web solutions​

Mobile applications


Product design

Quality Assurance

By industries

Tech startups

Help tech startups to build digital products, such as apps, web platforms, and SaaS, that bring ideas into life and help to grow fast.

Logistics & transportation

Develop and integrate management software solutions that contribute to the overwhelming process of digitizing the logistics operation.


Operations and automate processes by means of mobile and web frameworks.


Equip traditional financial services with modern, digital technologies that make them more secure and user-friendly.


Employing modern 
e-commerce technologies to meet trending demand for online buyers.

Marketing, design & sales

Automate customer aquisitions, data analytics and other processes with smart chatbots, AI tools, platforms.


Agile software development means working in short and repetitive cycles. «Agile» signifies the ability of moving quickly and efficiently, which, in software development means dividing a large task into a number of short phases of work. While going through these phases, analysis, adjustments and reassessments are made.

To dive deeper into the question of Agile software development, you are welcome to read our detailed article on making your agile team work.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is most often the first version of the product which has just enough core features to make the product work. The author of the « Lean Startup » Eric Ries defines the MVP as « that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.
On how to make sure you are in the right direction with your MVP, we invite you to read our detailed article about MVP development.

One of the first questions which comes to mind when it comes to developing a new product is the cost. The very rough answer would be «around $15K». The more exact answer will depend on what exactly you want your application to do and what is the final goal you want to accomplish.
For a thorough breakdown of the app development cost, you can estimate the possible price tag on your future application based on our article about potential expenses.

The short answer is: If you work with us, then yes, you will. Even though in many countries, Netherlands included, according to the law the code belongs to those who wrote it, we make sure in our contracts that all the Intellectual Property belongs to the client.
You can read more on how we properly manage the correct transfer of the code and how crucial it is that the client has the IP rights in our detailed article about our work ethics when it comes to intellectual property.

We understand your concern about the security, so we made absolutely sure we maintain a system which guarantees top-notch security. We are internationally certified in the field of Cybersecurity and we got certified with ISO 27001last year. For more details on the certification process and how we ensure your security, we have prepared an article with details if you have more questions.

Once your application is available on the platforms of your choice, on your side you can focus on other points, such as marketing or social media. On our side, to make sure everything on the tech side runs smoothly in the future, we suggest to proceed with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). It is a guarantee of your peace of mind — we discuss in detail what we can do for you in case an issue occurs. For more information on SLA, you can refer to our article or contact us.

First of all, we highly recommend you go with a company which has extensive experience in nearshoring and remote work. There is a huge advantage in nearshoring which is saving expenses and time on recruitment and accommodation. At Moqod we coordinate our work from our headquarters in Amsterdam, while working with highly skilled developers from Eastern Europe. The quality is guaranteed through an independent Quality Assistance.
You can find out more about how we organize the nearshoring process and deliver high quality work in our post.

We encourage and we are extremely happy when our clients work with to get on the same page of the final vision of the product. First of all, we are avid believers in Agile software development process which exists exactly for implementing ideas and changes along the way.
To make sure all the parties are in agreement about the end product, we use Story Mapping — a tool which allows all the parties to participate in the organization and brainstorming of the ideas.

Story Mapping is a tool developed by Jeff Patton which allows to analyze potential user behavior, implying that there are several types of user personas who can use the product differently. It is a very flexible and simple practice where each member of the team our client can predict a user journey by using simple tools (such as a whiteboard with stickers or a user-friendly online program) and plan out every possible action which may take place while a certain type of user opens the application. We have developed the idea of Story Mapping in details in our article, and we highly recommend you join us in it.

Yes, and yes. Actually, this is the best way to proceed if you want to save resources, compared to native development. Cross-platform development is getting more and more popular these days for a few reasons. Using one coding language for different platforms is very efficient in terms of costs and time, and it also implies consistent behavior, same tools and a single codebase. For an in-depth exploration of cross-platform development using Flutter or React Native, please check our detailed article on the subject.

It is not uncommon for a new business to have limited funds for the first product launch. Our job is to assist you and help you scale your product to what your business needs right now. The first solution we would offer would be hiring remote developers. We detail on the opportunities and pitfalls of this process in our article.
Another idea could be simply to start small, with the basics and see how it goes for your business idea. For example, a Progressive Web Application is fast, efficient and cheaper than most applications. We will be happy to find a solution which fits your business on all the levels.
Speaking of budget, we also have some precious advice on how to raise funding for your startup.

Yes, and no. Very often you are not your ideal client and the final result you have in mind may differ from what your customer needs.
Of course, we can bring to life any idea you come to us with, however, we suggest working in short phases and make adjustments along the way. The road you have mapped out in your mind might go in a completely different direction for your customer. What we can make happen is make sure that the final product corresponds to your client’s needs.

A clickable prototype is an interactive mock-up of your application. You need one if you want to test all the assumptions before actually writing the code. The more you test the prototype, the less modifications will be done during the development hours.

It has happened to everybody to be dissatisfied with a service provider on different levels. You may want to transfer your project to another party for a variety of reasons, however transferring an IT project is a tricky process where every step is crucial. You will need to give it a lot of time to ensure every aspect of the transfer has been completed. It will also take time for the new provider to work through the old code.
In the case of transfer, patience is indeed a virtue. This will pay off as a fresh start for your project, leaving the mistakes which bothered you in the past. We advise you to read our article on the project transfer and prepare yourself for the process where the value of time will be equal to the value of your newly redone product.

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