We are international

Moqod team

When building software products it is important to receive critical user feedback from different cultural backgrounds. We at Moqod employ professionals from seven countries who have a critical eye for details.

Software Developers in the Eastern Europe

Moqod employs software engineers from Eastern Europe (Poland, Republic of Serbia, Ukraine, etc). This region has become the number one destination for quality software developers.

Management Team in the Netherlands

Our on-site presence in Amsterdam is a bridge between the Western European customers and developers in Eastern Europe.

We stand for our values



We value relationships above money, technology, or business. We started Moqod 10 years ago with only one aim to be together because we loved it. We stood for each other and our clients in good and bad times. This is how Moqod office became a bright and caring environment bringing us together as friends to this day.



Back in the day, our first slogan was “Getting apps done”. By that, we mean we could give our guts and soul to deliver what we promised. It makes us proud of ourselves, gives us the energy to deliver what expected, no matter how hard it could be. We are dedicated to our customers to deliver great results, to our team to create the company we love and to each other to be cool.



For us quality goes beyond just work. We at Moqod care for quality time at work - we want our employees to wake up in the morning with a smile thinking about the day to come. We facilitate quality work-life balance by sharing fun times and hobbies with each other.



It is about agile mindset, and we don’t just mean the Agile Manifesto. We keen on Agility to seek for constant feedback, stay open for a change, and strive for continuous improvement. We don’t want to get lost in the dogmas, but lean on “stay hungry and foolish” mentality.

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