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Swisscom – Roaming Guide

Swisscom Roaming Guide

This project is one of the many where Moqod and Apps with love collaborated in the development of the application. Moqod supports Apps with love and their customers, and we have worked together successfully for more than a decade.

Project Goal:

create a transparent solution on the roaming pricing abroad for Swisscom customers.


the app gives an overview of current prices for phone calls, SMS and data usage, wherever you are. It works largely online and can be used without a data connection as well. As a bonus, you also receive useful tips for your travel, valuable information, and important phone numbers for your stay.

More about the solution:

the project was based on native iOS and Android apps and an ASP.NET cloud backend. A team of four nearshore engineers complemented the development team of Apps with love in this project.

You also can:
• Have an overview of your data roaming costs
• Set your personal limits for data roaming costs
• View the roaming tariffs for your subscription type
• Easily add a data package once included volume is used up
• Full overview of remaining data volume and expiry
• Buy attractive data packages at a click
• Configure call redirection to your voicemail
• Individual setting of basic tariff per zone

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