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Backend development

Backend or server-side is the core of your application. It coordinates business logic, APIs, stores and manages data. In SaaS applications backend orchestrates frontend and mobile apps, connects to 3rd-party resources and databases. Moqod works with all major programming languages, AI, and neural networks.


Python is a popular programming language for building complex scalable platforms, such as Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix. Moqod has chosen Python as the primary expertise for the reason of its scalability, stability, and security. Python is also widely used in most AI solutions, making it the best choice for building SaaS products.

Our python developers work mainly with Django Framework and PostgreSQL, MySQL, or DynamoDB as a database engine.

Moqod has delivered multiple successful projects using this technology stack. Check out the references

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Most of the worldwide web runs on PHP. Due to large availability of resources PHP has become a popular choice for web development. Some of the world’s most famous web apps are built with PHP, to name a few - Facebook, Wikipedia, Slack.

Our PHP developers are skilled with the most widely used PHP frameworks, such as Symphony, Laravel, Yii and MySQL or PostgreSQL for the database.

Moqod has a great portfolio of PHP projects. Here are some of our clients.

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C# and ASP.NET

C# and ASP.NET are often used by our enterprise clients. C# is strongly connected with Microsoft infrastructructure.

Our C# developers are proficient in .NET framework and databases such as MS SQL Server and PostreSQL.

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