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Moqod has been a trusted partner for mobile app development for numerous clients for more than a decade. Our experience in app development goes back in time to the early releases of iOS and Android. Since then, we have successfully launched applications for global brands like McDonald’s, Swisscom, and Red Cross. Moqod is your best choice to build an outstanding mobile app!

Our team handles all aspects of mobile app development, from design to marketing and ASO, making us your comprehensive mobile app development agency. Mobile app development entails programming of client-side installable or browser apps and backend serving them, and our expertise extends across this entire spectrum. Moqod has launched a number of its own products on the market, showcasing our prowess as a mobile app development platform. Not only do we develop apps, but we also possess in-depth knowledge of the app business, allowing us to guide you through the intricacies of the market.

Moqod has extensive experience in development for all mobile platforms, including iOS and Android, making us a trusted provider of mobile game development services and more. Since our inception in 2010, our team has delivered hundreds of mobile apps, solidifying our position as a leader in the mobile app development industry. Today, Moqod works with all mobile operating systems and popular programming languages, ensuring that we can cater to your specific needs effectively.

We understand the unique requirements of each mobile platform, and the majority of our projects are developed for the following most popular mobile platforms. When you partner with Moqod, you gain access to a wealth of experience, expertise, and the dedication of a top-tier mobile app development agency

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iOS application development

iOS application development has become a crucial aspect of the digital landscape. IPhone has revolutionized the industry, making mobile apps a hip. There is an app for everything since the release of iOS. Moqod has developed numerous iOS apps: from games to complex B2B products, showcasing our expertise in apple app development. iPhone and iPad apps can be distributed via App Store or internal enterprise distribution, thanks to our proficient iOS app development services. Our development team has broad experience with all iOS frameworks and technologies, making us the go-to choice for iOS mobile app development. Moqod employs developers with knowledge of Objective-C, Swift, SwiftUI, CoreData, and everything else used in modern iOS apps, ensuring top-notch results for our clients and reinforcing our position as leading iOS application developers.

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Android application development

Android application development is a dynamic and diverse field. Android is an open-source operating system available across a wide range of devices: phones, tablets, TV, IoT, making android app development a pivotal part of the digital ecosystem. Due to its openness and flexibility, the platform is popular in the customer segment and also in business and even manufacturing. Creating applications for Android requires specific expertise, and Moqod is your trusted partner in providing Android app development solutions.

We have a proven track record of delivering various complex native Android apps for customers in all industries, showcasing our prowess in android application development. Our developers are proficient in Kotlin, Coroutines, RxJava, Android Jetpack, and whatever else is inside Android apps today, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of android app dev. Whether you're a business or an individual looking to create applications for Android, Moqod is your go-to source for innovative and reliable Android app development services.

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Flutter development for cross-platform apps

Flutter development for cross-platform apps has become increasingly popular among developers and businesses. Consider cross-platform development for projects that don't heavily rely on native device features like graphics, location, notifications, etc., as it is a great way to save development cost and speed up delivery. If you're looking for a skilled flutter mobile app developer or a flutter mobile developer to build mobile apps with Flutter, Moqod has you covered.

Flutter, developed by Google, is an excellent technology that empowers developers to create stunning apps for Android, iOS, web, and even desktop from a single code base, making it a versatile choice for flutter for mobile app development. Flutter's unique feature is that it assembles into natively compiled apps, ensuring a native look-and-feel and UI, further highlighting its capabilities as a flutter dev platform. Dart is the programming language of choice for Flutter, and our Flutter developers are well-versed in harnessing its power, making Moqod your top choice for flutter mobile app development solutions.

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Progressive web apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps (PWA), often referred to as app PWA, represent a fascinating intersection of hybrid mobile app development and web application development services. PWA harnesses the power of web technologies to render content and access native functionality, making it a versatile solution for modern app development.

Progressive web applications are not only effective for rapid prototyping but also for efficiently rolling out new products to the market for validation purposes. With its ease of development and distribution, PWA has become a preferred choice for businesses looking to innovate quickly.

Since PWA is rooted in web technology, it necessitates front-end development skills like React.JS or Vue.JS, and at Moqod, we boast a vast capacity of frontend developers who excel in creating progressive web applications. Whether you're exploring the potential of PWA or seeking to enhance your app development with progressive web application capabilities, we have the expertise and experience to meet your needs effectively.

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