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How much does software development cost?

The average monthly cost for a software developer from Moqod is 6000 EUR

Our rates are clear and simple

Dedicated completely to your project
Working full-time for you
5% discount on a year contract
No hidden costs or fees
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Here is how our cost compares to other options

 MoqodHire your own developers in the NetherlandsHire a contractor in the Netherlands
Cost6000 EUR per month. 68000 EUR per yearStarting from 70000 EUR per yearStarting from 80 EUR per hour
Admin and other costsNone. That’s a flat fee per month. No other costs.At least 20000 EUR per year per person of employee related expenses and perksNone. The contractor keeps track of their expenses.
Full control and transparencyYes. We provide the same level of transparency as if you hired your own people.Yes. When hiring employees, the employer gets a sense of control.No. When working with external contractors you barely have any control.
Who owns all IP for the work createdOur customers have 100% ownership of their IP.Employer has ownership of IPIt’s tricky! Check your contract carefully to avoid disappointment or hidden fees.
HR-related costs (trainings, on- offboarding)Moqod handles all aspects of HR management and process at no extra cost to customerAs an employer you are responsible for the costs incurred by hiring employees.It’s tricky! Choose your contractor wisely!

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