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Amsterdam Smart City

Guide to the world's leading smart city

Moqod Goal:

create an interactive platform for urban interaction and sustainability for the city of Amsterdam.


innovation platform improving all the possible spheres of the metropole. The target of the Amsterdam Smart City initiative is healthy economic growth. We developed the project as part of the Municipality of Amsterdam, which has become one of the best examples of smart cities today. As a result, it attracts hundreds of innovation tourists to Amsterdam, who comes there to learn and export urban technologies.

Most recently Moqod and I have been collaborating on a real-time dashboard to visualize crowd sizes on the Marineterrein, an inner-city living lab to explore sustainable living, working, and learning. This dashboard visualizes data collected from the Public Eye, (a system that transforms city cameras into “people counters” that anonymously count density, flow and safe distances between people). This is a ground-breaking project because not only is the AI open source to municipalities like Amsterdam, or say Kiyv, or Lviv, but the real-time data it produces is freely accessible to all. Moqod helps us achieve this goal.

Tom van Arman, CEO Tapp

More about the solution:

8000+ members and organizations connecting to take action. Amsterdam Smart City brings together innovative companies, knowledge research institutions, elements of smart mobility, public authorities and proactive citizens to shape the city of the future.

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Technical implementation:

Moqod developed native iOS and Android applications for Amsterdam Smart City. The app utilizes a powerful AR feature where users can point the camera to a spot in the city and view the future of Amsterdam in augmented reality.

The applications were programmed in native code: Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. The AR functionality has been created with help of Vuforia SDK. The project is running on top of a backendless solution based on Firebase.

The total project duration from the initial design session to the final launch in the app stores was two months.

Project team:

the team consisted of 4 people: project manager, iOS and Android developers, and QA engineer.

App Guide to the world's leading smart city

Moqod has 10+ years of experience in custom software development. Our skills and proficiency have allowed us to help Amsterdam Smart City become one of the most successful smart city solutions in the world.

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