Industry: #logistics, #startup
Technology: #Python, #Django, #React.js

Shyppe is a successful Dutch startup that revolutionizes container shipment across the globe. Moqod released the initial MVP for Shypple which was the technical foundation for further success. In short – Shypple is an easy way for customers to view costs for cargo shipment, make bookings, and follow their shipment status. Before Shypple this was a non-transparent old fashioned business.


Do you remember the days when you had to book plane tickets by calling travel agents, waiting for days, and paying a lot of money? Just a few years ago to ship a container from China to Rotterdam would be the same painful and costly process.


Shypple came up with the idea that it should be as simple to book a container shipment door to door, as it is to buy a ticket online these days. Enter pickup and delivery points – boom! In a few seconds, you see different options for carriers, timing, and prices. Moqod was the development partner to validate this idea. Within a few quick iterations, we delivered the product which was released live to the market.


The MVP was live within a few months of agile development. The MVP contained the complex logic for quote calculation, booking module, and track and trace. So the customer could select the best quote, book the shipment and later pinpoint its status in the ocean! This MVP became a tremendous success with coverage in the media and impressive funding rounds. Now Shypple is conquering the world of international shipping by providing a better service every day.

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