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Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure — Rijkswaterstaat

Solution for optimization and digitalization of traffic scenarios and response plans

Moqod Goal:

develop state-of-the-art software for traffic scenarios, traffic measures, and response plans* for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure. The main challenge was to optimize the digitalization of PDFs and flowcharts of all the scenarios.

Before Moqod's solution, each scenario was a separate PDF file, and there were thousands of them. It created a problem in terms of management and organization.

*Response plans a range of traffic measures, such as marks along the roads and traffic lights. They used to take days to complete.


we developed a unique traffic management application. A response plan now takes around an hour. A routine task takes a few minutes.

More about the solution:

we developed the solution taking into account the 3A (Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime) principle, accessibility, and transparency to all stakeholders (traffic engineers, traffic operators, contractors, project managers, etc.).
The engineers have full visibility of the operations with the map-view. Thanks to Floating car data, live triggers and other open data, traffic engineers and traffic operators can come to new insights, take action, and improve traffic flow.

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Solution for optimization and digitalization of traffic scenarios and response plans

Technical implementation:

the goal of the project was to create an MVP for the Ministry of Infrastructure to help them digitize their operation. This was a digital transformation project aimed to transfer road scenarios from paper to a digital format. Moqod created a visual prototype which was tested with traffic engineers of the Ministry. After the UI prototype, our development team has created a robust cloud solution based on Google Maps and traffic data from multiple APIs. The whole solution was running on a scalable cloud infrastructure of Amazon.

Project team:

due to the high profile of this project, Moqod has employed a top team of software engineers, consisting of two Python backend developers, front-end React.js developer, and a project manager. The total timeline to deliver the project from initial design to development was almost one year.

Moqod has 10+ years of experience in custom software development. Our skills and proficiency in building high-quality MVPs have allowed us to build a strong, interactive tool. We would love to see you on the page of our most successful clients.

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