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Uber — side systems for Uber by Moqod

Side systems for Uber

Moqod Goal: Create side systems for Uber, to support operations for new drivers

Result: We created a software platform where the new Uber drivers can find the best car leasing deals and get support for their trainings as drivers.

More about the solution: The software platform for Uber was launched in developing markets in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Technical implementation: Uber reached out to Moqod with a request to create a solution for drivers in emerging markets. Their goal was to increase the driver onboarding pipeline by providing a one-stop solution for the car lease, training, and registration. To achieve this goal, Moqod has delivered a web platform for the drivers to search and sign up for the best offers. For this, a Python backend application has been built with a frontend SPA website.

Project team. Moqod has employed a nearshore team of two full-stack Python developers to complete this project. This project was delivered in 6 months.

Moqod has 10+ years of experience in custom software development. Our skills and proficiency in building high-quality MVPs have allowed us to build a strong, interactive tool. We would love to see you on the page of our most successful clients.
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