HR Groep

Industry: #public sector, #digital transformation, #engineering management, #traffic
Technology: #IOS, #Android, #Flutter


HR Groep is a company provides tools for monitoring public spaces, including road condition and traffic signs. 


There are an engineers that working “in the field”, verifies and updates existing and adds new sign entries to database. They use laptops or even paper notebooks to make records on the streets and then update entries manually. They need more convenient tool to perform their job.


We made server application with authorised access to traffic service database with ability to get, manipulate and save data. For the end users we developed mobile iOS and Android application with functionality to observe road signs, edit their details and add new ones. 


As a result, HR Groep received a mobile application for road workers and engineers, available in the AppStore and Google Play. Authorized users were able to see a map with road signs updated in real time, check and correct the parameters of existing signs and add new ones right on their smartphone. All data is processed on the backend side and sent to the road service in the required format. All integrations are implemented on the backend and can be changed at any time without the need to update mobile applications.


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