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Tailor-made software for the logistics and transportation industry

Moqod is an expert in developing and integrating management software solutions that contributes to a massive process the industry digitalization.


Innovation in logistics is no longer a future scenario

Logistics is currently confronting immense digital change. Services reminiscent of Uber, Airbnb, and Booking.com are already active in the Dutch logistics and transportation sectors. There is a rise in demand for digitizing existing services to remove unnecessary supply chain intermediates and to scale up revenue models, eventually to renew the sector. Moqod works with fast growing industry players, freight and transportation companies, carriers, and movers, like Shypple and Caru, to assist them in a digital catch-up.

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Technical and business know-how in software products for supply chain

We will advise on what opportunities there are in the market to enhance your business model, and which innovations are needed.


Complex web solutions

  • Web and mobile apps for smooth interactions between supply chain partners
  • Supply chain transparency, safety, and efficiency
Data Analytics

Data analytics

  • Digitized data for efficient resource planning, reduced delays, human errors, and transaction costs
  • Inventory visibility and management, predictive maintenance
Cloud Logistics

Cloud logistics

  • Digital strategies for smart order collaboration, communication, and transportation management
  • Configurable process workflows, user experiences, alerts, and dashboard widgets

Business processes automation

  • Modern data science and machine learning algorithms to reduce the human workforce
  • Increase efficiency in delivery and warehousing (including sorting and distribution centers)

Software development expertise



Shyppe is a successful Dutch startup that revolutionizes container shipment across the globe. Moqod released the initial MVP for Shypple which was the technical foundation for further success. In short - Shypple is an easy way for customers to view costs for cargo shipment, make bookings, and follow their shipment status. Before Shypple this was a non-transparent old fashioned business.

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CARU Containers is a global container trader operating eight offices worldwide. CARU Containers aims to make buying and leasing containers as easy as possible. Like containers, the company is always on the move, exploring new countries, new ways of trading, and new digital technologies.

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