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Cloud applications

In the era of cloud computing, Moqod is your trusted expert. Be it for a startup or an enterprise client, cloud is the best choice. Moqod provides the following cloud services to its customers.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting

We worked with all major cloud platforms and chose Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition, our experts possess certifications to provide the customers with the best solutions tailored to their needs. Moqod guarantees security best practices and extremely high availability of your data and software in the cloud.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Your application is not yet in the cloud? Not sure how to start with the cloud? Moqod can consult you about the best cloud strategy. We help design, implement and maintain proper cloud architecture and move your operations into the cloud. Migrate your apps to the cloud now!



AI solutions are experiencing a significant boost among corporates and startups thanks to the vast cloud adoption, increasing computing power and decreasing costs. Implement innovative AI solutions with Moqod!



Easily develop auto-scaling applications without the need to set up any infrastructure. This approach helps you build agile applications with faster release cycles. With microservice architecture, Moqod enables rapid and scalable solutions. Stay on top of the competition!

Top reasons to choose cloud for your application:


Scalability. Cloud computing provides the best approach to scale your application both geographically and vertically. Maintain the best capacity for your product.


Security. Cloud providers guarantee top security policies and rules for their data centers. The customers can benefit from best practices in architecture, compliance, and confidentiality.


Stability. With cloud you can reach extremely high availability targets. Take advantage of predictable performance of your infrastructure.


Flexibility. Feel free to pick any programming language, database, operating system or application platform. Cloud service providers enable you with a wide range of opportunities.


Cost. What’s the cost for cloud hosting? Most of our clients pay no more than 50 EUR per month for their cloud services! Pay-as-you-go for only what your customers need!

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