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Updraft – our own app testing platform

This project is one of the many where Moqod and Apps with love collaborated in the development of the application. Moqod supports Apps with love and their customers, and we have worked together successfully for more than a decade.

Project Goal:

create our own app testing tool (cloud platform) for continuous mobile app distribution and user insights.

More about the solution:

Now the platform has been working for 5+ years, so here you can already find many tips for mobile app testing. All the features start from a free plan with reasonable limits for your test cases or QAs involved. Also, it’s possible to make a custom operating system for your app development process.

For the backend we used Django as a fast and pragmatic Python web framework. The frontend part is based on Angular.

To see more features register on Updraft.com

Project Team:

A team of people from Apps with love and Moqod is continually developing Updraft further. The team consists of designers, product managers, developers, quality assurance, and marketing folks. There is also a public GitHub page where anyone can report issues or make suggestions for new features and improvements.


Updraft is a tool for distributing apps that are designed to meet the needs of developers, project managers, QA staff, and comms people. It integrates with your IDE but is also easy to use if you just want to quickly distribute a new beta version release. Application testers and users are guided through the installation process within a comprehensive web app. We can also offer a fully customized enterprise solution.

Updraft integrates with popular tools like Slack, Teamcity, Jenkins, Fastlane, Gradle, and Gitlab. You can create new app releases or enable automatic notifications to your testers. Updraft also has an SDK for feedback, bug reporting, and in-app updates. All data is encrypted end-to-end, and apps are stored on Exoscale's secure cloud servers.

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