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Moqod — Nearshore Development Team for Most Ambitious Projects

29 Sep 2021
Moqod nearshoring teams

Best Eastern European developers at Moqod will make your ideas come to life.

Hiring a remote development team can be a real challenge with all the offers on the market. Nearshoring implies that your remote team of choice headquarters close to your country and is within the reasonable limits of your time zone.

Why Moqod is the best choice of a nearshore development team for your most ambitious idea.

  • With headquarters in the Netherlands, Moqod is the ideal nearshoring partner for businesses in Europe. Moqod’s developers come from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia — Europe’s tech talent pool.

  • Moqod’s developers speak your language, share your culture and apply the same work ethics. A nearshore software development company with the same values makes the recruitment and the remote team-building process fast, smooth and straightforward.

  • Moqod has 10+ years of experience as a nearshore development team for European companies.

  • Geographical and cultural proximity are the basis of the term ‘nearshoring’. However, according to Deloitte’s latest survey on outsourcing trends, clients are looking for more than simply physical criteria when they hire mobile app developers. Instead, speed, quality, agility, and flexibility make up the primary standards when looking to hire a remote development team.

At Moqod, we use the Agile methodology in our work, which allows us to provide premium quality remote services.

  • Your nearshoring team in Moqod can always be expanded, modified, or reduced based on the project.

  • Quality is guaranteed via Independent Quality Assistance.

  • Moqod will make sure you get what you pay for. We don’t want to bill you for the working hours; we want to establish the financial value based on the final product. So nearshoring your solution to Moqod is the best way to make sure your investment is spent wisely.

You can see more detailed pricing of nearshoring software development services in our article. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to hire a PHP developer, a part-time web developer, a full stack developer, or a whole remote team. You will better understand how nearshoring to Moqod is the best value in terms of time, money, and energy.

Once you have decided on the remote workers for your project, how do you ensure the process runs smoothly? Our experience as a remote development team has allowed us to gather the best practices for outsourcing your product.

Would you like to see if Moqod is the perfect nearshore fit for your project? Give us a call

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