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Hire a Nearshore Development Team For Your Project - Together With Moqod

29 Sep 2021
Moqod nearshore development team
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The Moqod team was highly professional and delivered the product on time, despite a tight timeline. Working with Moqod was a great experience and I would welcome the opportunity to work with the team again on future projects.

Cornelia Dinca

Cornelia Dinca

Amsterdam Smart City

Moqod - Nearshore Development Team for Your Projects

Remote development teams have been a growing trend over the last couple of years. It's the ultimate tool to use in a quickly scaling company that wants to reach new targets. Finding the right remote developers for your team can be a big challenge, especially nowadays with a massive supply of skilled developers eager to start working on new projects. Having a remote developer is a way of outsourcing work to a developer who works remotely with your team. This can be an easy way to hire an iOS developer, android developer, web developer or a software developer for example. There are two types of remote developers: nearshore and offshore. Nearshore developers operate from a country close to where the customer operates. There usually is a small or no time difference. You might already be able to guess, but offshore developers work from far away and are generally in a different time zone (4 hours+ difference). Moqod specializes in nearshore recruitment, which means they can provide you with the best team of developers from a country closeby.

Why Moqod Can Build a Strong Team of Remote Developers for Your Project

Moqod focusses on nearshore software development and they have their headquarters in the Netherlands. They source most of their remote developers from eastern European countries like Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Sourcing developers from these countries in eastern Europe is classified as nearshore recruitment because the developers live in Europe, where most projects are developed. These nearshore developers are highly skilled and are capable of working on a wide variety of projects remotely, they can help for both a short term or long term period. When hiring remote developers its possible to hire a development team or to hire a single developer.

Moqod is an expert in the field of hiring nearshore developers with more than ten years of experience. The developers Moqod hires speak your language, share your culture, and apply the same work ethics as you. Moqod doesn't just look at the skills of the developers. They also look at speed, quality, agility, and flexibility to ensure the best developers for your projects.

Benefits of Hiring a Nearshore Development Team

There are multiple reasons why it's beneficial for your project to hire a nearshore development team put together by Moqod. A nearshore development team can provide you with many benefits that will significantly impact your projects and the future of your business.

scalability of nearshore development


Scaling a business is a very time-consuming task. Many different things should be kept an eye on, and many changes have to be made to adapt to a higher demand provided by customers. Many businesses find it hard to find the right talents to support their business's (quick) scaling. Nearshore remote developers are very flexible and can start working on projects on very short notice. This flexibility makes it the perfect solution for scaling businesses struggling to find the right talents for their projects. Moqod will help you hire remote developers to take on more projects, increase your production, and scale your business.

grow your team with nearshore development

Grow Your Team

Finding the right nearshore developers for your team can be a challenge due to a high supply of skilled developers out on the market. Moqod can help you filter out all developer candidates to a remote team that will fit your company. Moqod picks their remote developers very carefully based on multiple criteria discussed with you. They always ensure that they hire the best developers for your team. Moqod doesn't just look for a match in the necessitated skills but also if the developers can fit into your company culture. This quality assurance grants you safety and trust in Moqod to help you grow your team.

easy hiring process with nearshore development

Easy hiring process

Whenever hiring new developers for a team, it can be very time-consuming to look for candidates, filter them based on their skills, and eventually end up with a highly skilled team of developers. On average, it takes about 42 workdays to find someone for a position. Spending 42 days on finding a new team member is a lot of valuable time going to waste,

Moqod makes this process a lot easier and faster by taking care of this whole process for you. Moqod uses its network and ten years plus experience to find the best talent for your team. Hiring Moqod to put together your developer team doesn't just save you a lot of time; it also provides you with the best team possible.

reaching investors milestones with nearshore development

Reaching Investor Milestones

If your company has investors, it's crucial to meet the pre-determent milestones set before the investors started investing in your business. These milestones can be used to evaluate the total value of your company. The milestones will be the primary indicator investors will use to determine if their investment in your company was worth it or not. To be comfortable with reaching these pre-determent milestones, it's important to have a good team surrounding you and your projects. Moqod provides you with a good team you can trust to do what's needed to reach the milestones. This way, you can satisfy your investors by reaching your pre-determent milestones in the proper timeframe.

Reaching internal agreements with nearshore development

Reaching internal agreements with stakeholders

Every organization has a different set of stakeholders. These stakeholders can be both internal and external. Internal stakeholders are employees, managers, and owners. External stakeholders can be anyone that interacts with an organization from an outside perspective. This can be anyone from customers to suppliers and investors. Together with these stakeholders, targets can be set. These targets can be named Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs. An example of a KPI can be to meet a certain amount of revenue. To meet this KPI, it can be helpful to hire extra developers for your team. To meet these set KPI's is where a nearshore development team comes into play. Hiring a nearshore development to achieve your KPI's is also known as IT team augmentation - a strategy where an organization hires staff with the goal to reach objectives. A nearshore development team can help you and your organization meets its internal agreements with stakeholders - defined in the organization's KPIs.

Costs of a nearshore development team

Hiring a nearshore development team for your organization is the best option for you in terms of time, money, and energy - the three vital pillars of every organization. Moqod has written an article in the past explaining the costs associated with a nearshore development team.


Hiring a nearshore development team - also known as outsourcing - has a lot of benefits for an organization in terms of time, money, and energy. It can help an organization scale, meet goals, grow a team, and meet investor milestones. Moqod believes there is a significant growing trend in hiring nearshore development teams within western organizations and would love to help you and your organization out! Moqod can help you to hire a remote development team from Eastern European countries like Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Feel free to give Moqod a call or send an email to discuss all the possibilities.

Moqod has been our trusted and highly competent partner — for app development and also our joint venture platform getupdraft.com. Location-Based Services, highly complex security issues, the world of iOT – we have managed to solve any client problem together so far. Moqod can code exactly the way we design it.

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Michael Schranz

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