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29 Sep 2021
Moqod's clients successfull stories
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It was a good balance between budget and technical expertise to deliver the desired product. Moqod makes an effort to understand use-cases of the developed tool within the operations of Caru Containers. Thus they can prioritize our requests in a correct manner. As a result, intended as a tool to get insights in the container trading, it is now crucial in our operations.

Paul Bremer

Paul Bremer

CARU Containers B.V.

In the end, the success of a software development company comes down to its portfolio of happy clients. The most important metrics and data come from the results our clients have achieved, thanks to our involvement.

At Moqod, we are very proud of the complete, elaborate, tailored solutions we have delivered to our customers. Each project came with a unique target audience, specific message and required a 100% customized hands-on holistic product approach.

Clients come to us with different goals: from developing the best smart city solution out there to digitizing the files on flora and fauna in one of the biggest wildlife parks in the Netherlands. Here are some of the examples of what we have accomplished in the last years.


  • Revolutionized the world of container shipping together with Shypple — #1 Dutch Startup of 2019. Thanks to our solution for Shypple, their clients can now select the best quote, book the shipment and later pinpoint the container's location in the ocean. After a successful investment round of 30 million euro, the Rotterdam-based startup Shypple has also been at the spotlights of The Next Web 2021.


  • Optimized career performance management with Learned.io. Moqod developed a solution Learned.io to structure and automate performance management processes. As a result, businesses have better visibility of employees' performance, while the latter have an increase in productivity. The solution also allows to fill in skill gaps with offerings from the learning library.

Hoge Veluwe

  • Contributed to species preservation in the Dutch National Park Hoge Veluwe. The documentation of flora and fauna has become simple thanks to our work with Studio Kort. We developed an Android app where park rangers can search and view the 14000 park species, mark their location, and type in the observations with photos attached.


  • Made saving money easier with Bittiq. It was one of the first Fintech solutions of this kind, developed with Bunq, the first online bank in the Netherlands. With Bittiq, users can analyze and optimize their spending habits. You don't need to do any calculations: connect all your accounts and let the app see where you can save money and where you can score a bargain.

This Bittiq review speaks for itself: "I always felt it was a waste of time reviewing my personal finances, but I want to be in control, so we manually managed this. Bittiq's app does it all automatically, saving us lots of time".

HR Groep

  • Simplified the work of public space engineers with a smart public space and road management IPSm app Hr Groep. Road workers and engineers can use the solution to see a real-time map with road signs, check and adjust the data of the existing signs, and add new ones via their smartphones.


  • Made heavy lifting a bit lighter with CARU. CARU, the world's leading container trader, needed an online platform to optimize the process of internal sales of buying and leasing containers. Today, the CARU containers platform can track a vast amount of data on containers, store it and keep the system performance high worldwide.

Amsterdam Smart City

  • Developed the top smart city solution for the Municipality of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Smart City is an interactive platform for urban interaction and sustainability. Moqod has made it possible for 8000+ members to connect and take action to make Amsterdam an even better place.

For a better understanding of the Amsterdam Smart City solution and the challenges that await the cities of the future, we invite you to check out our exclusive interview with Tom Van Arman — founder, and director of Tapp - Smart City Prototypes


  • Brought 'first-class' to second-hand shopping with Whoppah. Whoppah is a large retailer of second-hand items, handmade products, showroom models, and vintage design classics. Moqod has made the shopping process fun with an easy-to-use solution, multiple categories, videos, chat, and other functions.


  • Took the heavy load off factory work with Ez Go. In this solution by Moqod, factories can present tasks to their workers, record work results, and digitize paper files. The workers, on their side, can view their routines, perform tasks, checklists, and audits.

Our 10+ years of experience have allowed us to establish an impressive portfolio and become experts in what we do. The list of our clients' success stories keeps growing every day

Would you like to see your logo next to our happy, successful clients? Give us a call!

My company Tapp has been working with Moqod for over 6 years! Our recent project was an open source platform with AI features. We used to test the new approaches in crowd management and COVID social distancing without collecting personal data. Moqod developed the POC and MVP quickly and easily, all the time we have worked effectively between Kiev and Amsterdam regularly communicating, collaborating and testing.

Tom van Arman

Tom van Arman

Founder & Director at Tapp

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