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10 Myths of Outsourcing IT to Eastern European Countries

Slava Todavchich

Slava Todavchich

Linkedin August 1, 2021
Myths of outsourcing IT to Eastern Europe

During the uncertain times we currently live in and have been living in for the past few years, more and more companies in the IT industry choose to outsource work over hiring staff. Outsourcing is their means to stay agile and adaptable in these very uncertain times. It is a powerful growing trend that supplies a lot of work opportunities into the IT industry for both junior- and senior developers. A lot of development work is outsourced to web developers, android developers and iOS developers. Moqod is an agile software development company that delivers digital products - like apps, websites, and software - to companies worldwide. Moqod sources all its development talent from Eastern European countries like Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, this is also known as nearshore recruitment. This is different from offshore recruitment where developers are sourced from countries far away like India. These nearshore developers from Eastern Europe deliver great work and have a small time zone difference from the Netherlands compared to other countries. Even though Moqod's developers from Eastern Europe have proven themselves repeatedly, there are still a lot of myths surrounding developers from Eastern Europe. Moqod would love to debunk these myths for you!

#1 No English Speaking Developers in Eastern Europe

A myth going around that the developers from Eastern Europe don't speak or hardly speak English. Many years ago, this might have been true, but the Eastern European countries have been developing in many ways over the last couple of years, and so has their proficiency in the English language. To add to this, most developers have learned all their skills in either an English course or an English environment. This doesn't just give the developers their language skills but also provides a lot of conversational skills that help your business improve communication with your customers. When Moqod hires developers for your project, it's vital that the developer either speaks English or any other language that you use to communicate within your company.

#2 Bad Communication

Many Western European countries are scared of having bad communication with Eastern European countries due to differences in language and time zones. As was written in our previous myth, the developers Moqod hires speak proper English and know how to behave in English conversations correctly. Eastern European developers that live in countries like Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine have none or up to 3-4 hours time difference. This time difference is perfect whenever working on a project since it allows for effective communication. The minor time difference won't interfere with your projects like the twelve-hour time difference with Asia, or Africa would do for example.

#3 Different Cultures

Having different cultures often scares Western European companies from working together with Eastern European developers. This is an unjustified assumption since many Eastern European developers share the same modern culture that almost all European Countries have. Since the use of the internet, modern cultural traits like International brands and Social Media platforms have become more prevalent in Eastern Europe. These developments in modern European cultures have led to modernisation in Eastern Europe, allowing Eastern European developers to work for Western European companies efficiently.

#4 Eastern Europe is Still the Soviet Union

Even though the Soviet Union doesn't exist anymore - for over 30 years - it's still often perceived as if the Soviet Union still exists. What used to be the Soviet Union is now divided into multiple countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, and a few more. Although the countries are now separate, they still use the same math, engineering, and physics schools used during the Soviet Union.

#5 The quality of work isn't good

Most developers from Eastern Europe have gathered their development skills from studying, courses, and working on projects. They often have valuable skills that the Western market underestimates and, most importantly, undervalues. Before hiring developers from Eastern Europe, Moqod checks the skills of an individual developer. This checking process is done through various meetings and tests Moqod's hiring team assessed. Moqod values good quality and ensures the best developers for your project by doing this checking process meticulously.

#6 No Security Control

Moqod can Image that you have security concerns whenever outsourcing work to a country outside of your own country. Safety is a concern that Moqod takes very seriously since it can significantly impact the way businesses operate. Moqod works with their team to keep a high standard in security for every project Eastern European developers work on. They stay up to date and use the latest EU data laws to make sure they comply with every safety rule. By hiring Moqod, you automatically make a safer decision than when hiring a developer of Fiverr or Upwork since the safety of the developers on those platforms can't be controlled.

#7 Having to meet up before working on a project

Meeting up before working on a project is an old procedure that comes from an old way of working that has changed over the last few years. In the modern world we currently live in, it's very easy to have meetings through online video call software, which allows users to discuss projects easily without meeting up physically. Using these digital software services to eliminate physical meetings from being needed allows Western European companies to hire developers from other countries outside of meeting distance.

#8 No innovation in Eastern Europe

An interesting business fact about Eastern Europe is that many big innovative international businesses like Grammarly, Gitlab, and Miro were founded in Eastern European countries. Even companies like Google, Whatsapp, and Instagram have roots in Eastern European countries. This is interesting since it's often believed that there is no innovation coming from Eastern European countries. But developers and entrepreneurs are proving the opposite by creating awesome and innovative tools, businesses, and technology that is used by millions of users worldwide.

#9 Smaller market size

It's often believed that the Eastern European market has a lower supply of developers. In reality, the supply of developers in Eastern Europe is 20 times bigger than in Western Europe. The giant supply of developers provides an enormous pool of talent to choose from. Moqod helps you to find the best talent for your project. We explain more about this process in our nearshore development article.

#10 Low development speed

Developers from Eastern Europe work fast and efficiently, especially developers who have already worked on multiple projects. They have a lot of experience in projects and know how to schedule their work time to give the project the fastest delivery time possible without sacrificing any quality. The developers can work as fast as companies need them to work. In case there is a large workload presented to a single developer or small team of developers, the decision can be made to delegate the work to multiple developers to increase the work speed.


Outsourcing development projects to Eastern European nearshore developers allows a project to be realized with a team of professionals . The developers recruited by Moqod will be able to help any project to the next level in a way that is nice and easy to manage. Would you like to know more about our nearshore development? Feel free to give Moqod a call or send an email to discuss all the possibilities for your project.

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