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Case Study: Meet Anna, Moqod's AI-Powered Customer Service Agent

At Moqod, we're always on the lookout for ways to innovate and make our services better. Our latest adventure? Bringing on board Anna, an AI-powered inbound customer service agent. Anna is here to make our lives easier and our customer interactions smoother. Let's dive into our journey with Anna, the bumps we hit along the way, and how we smoothed them out.

Meet AI Employee

Our Goals

When we decided to integrate Anna, we had two main goals:

  1. Respond to potential clients interested in Moqod’s services ASAP.
  2. Sort through incoming submissions efficiently, separating potential clients from job seekers and collaboration offers.

What Anna Does

Anna, powered by Kollie AI, jumped in to handle all contact form submissions on our website. Her tasks include:

  • Greeting and understanding the needs of potential clients.
  • Sorting potential lead submissions from job seekers and potential partners, and directing them to the right person in our team.
  • Scheduling meetings with our human managers and staying updated on what services or specialists we need.

Anna's plugged into our processes, so she knows exactly what's going on and can make sure only the relevant inquiries get through to us.

Challenges and Solutions

When we launched Anna and started testing her, we faced some initial challenges that needed to be addressed to ensure smooth operation and seamless customer interaction.

  1. Phone Number Format Issues

    • The Problem: At first, Anna didn’t call everyone back. Turns out, it was because users were entering phone numbers in different formats. Anna only responded to numbers in the E.164 international format.
    • The Fix: We tweaked our contact form to guide users on how to enter their phone numbers correctly. Problem solved!
  2. Recording Lead Emails

    • The Problem: When scheduling meetings, Anna had to write down the lead's email, which sometimes got messy.
    • The Fix: We decided to use the email provided in the feedback form, so Anna didn’t have to ask for it again, only confirm it. This made the process quicker and error-free.
  3. Calendar Integration

    • The Problem: Anna isn’t synced with our managers' calendars, causing potential scheduling conflicts.
    • The Fix: For now, we’ve instructed Anna to schedule meetings no earlier than the next business day. This gives us time to adjust if there’s an overlap. We’re also working on integrating Anna directly with our calendar system to automate this.

The Results

Since Anna joined our team, we’ve seen some awesome improvements:

  • Efficiency: Anna’s quick responses have cut down wait times for potential clients, giving them a better experience.
  • Accuracy: Anna’s sorting skills have freed up our team’s time, so they can focus on the important stuff.
  • Professionalism: With her up-to-date knowledge of our processes and needs, Anna handles all inquiries like a pro.

What’s Next?

Bringing Anna into our workflow has been a game-changer. Despite a few hiccups at the start, we’ve ironed out the kinks and things are running smoothly. As we continue to fine-tune Anna’s capabilities, we’re excited about the future and the continued improvements in our customer service and efficiency.

Our next step is to fully integrate Anna with our calendar system to automate scheduling and cut down on manual work. We’re also exploring more AI-driven enhancements to keep upping our game.

Anna’s success story shows our commitment to innovation and our belief in the power of tech and AI. By staying at the forefront of these advancements, we’re setting new standards in customer service and operational excellence.

Our Human-First Philosophy

At Moqod, we believe that our greatest value lies in our people. Our human-first philosophy drives every aspect of our work. Even Anna was developed with this philosophy in mind. She’s here to assist our human managers, helping them focus on high-priority tasks by handling routine inquiries. She ensures our potential clients and collaborators receive prompt, efficient responses, enhancing their experience with Moqod.

Anna’s ability to understand even imperfect accents and language is a testament to our commitment to programming with a real human touch. She embodies our dedication to creating technology that not only works but works seamlessly with human needs.

At Moqod, we believe that the synergy between advanced technology and human ingenuity is the key to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions. Anna is just one example of how we integrate this belief into everything we do.


Want to interact with Anna? Just use the contact form below or give us a call. Experience the future of customer service today!

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