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21 Sep 2021
Software development by Moqod company
Build successful product: from idea to launch & fundraising
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It was a good balance between budget and technical expertise to deliver the desired product. Moqod makes an effort to understand use-cases of the developed tool within the operations of Caru Containers. Thus they can prioritize our requests in a correct manner. As a result, intended as a tool to get insights in the container trading, it is now crucial in our operations.

Paul Bremer

Paul Bremer

CARU Containers B.V.

Welcome! We are Moqod, an agency for mobile and software solutions. We have combined all development stages into a single production process: from idea to the development of complex industry solutions.

Our high-class software engineers and their full-stack experience will turn your ideas into life, from concept design to launch.

What we do as a software Development Agency?

Expert software development agency with 10+ years of experience in high-performing custom software solutions.

Software development encompasses:

  • designing;
  • creating;
  • deploying;
  • maintaining different software types.

At Moqod, we have all the answers, from mobile applications development, tailor-made enterprise solutions, progressive web apps (PWA) to potential app development costs.

Do you have a project? We have the hands and the tools to implement it

From concept to release, our developing team takes care of your future solution. We create, maintain, and support SaaS, desktop applications, and web solutions. Our experience in mobile app development includes premium quality custom iOS and Android apps for startups, companies, communities, and government institutions. All iOS and android app development services.

From idea to release

Software development, from your idea to release

Software development is a collaborative process. Cooperation with Moqod is a partnership with a team of professional, result oriented, fair and transparent approach. Your business gets a unique custom solution, unique software product. Our software development teams try to work as a natural extension of your own stuff, that's why we explore your corporate goals together, focus on details, maintaining a balance between creativity and functionality.

As we mentioned, software development encompasses designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining different software types. At Moqod, we have it all covered for you. Our team will happily answer your questions on app development, custom enterprise solutions, progressive web apps, and potential app development cost.

We dive deep into the problem and apply our expertise to solve your client's issue with your future solution. We look together at the business model, target audience, integrations, and further scale-up opportunities to ensure your software succeeds.

Development highlights

How can we make your project successful

A key part of our development process is keeping clients in the loop about how it's going. We answer the following question at every stage: how to surpass your competitors and reach the next high quality level, how to use last technologies and big data to give your project a competitive edge, how to develop a complex solution with integrations, extensive business logic, high load, and increased business metrics.

Software development services highlights

We tailor scalable and responsive software solutions for your business.

  • Product development

End-to-end product engineering services

  • Web development

We will deliver the best-suited solution for your company to increase profits and optimize the current workflow.

User-friendly stellar apps for the most demanding clients.

  • UI/UX design

Functional, beautiful, and responsive designs to highlight the best of your product.

  • Quality Assurance and Testing

Avoid the cost of any mistake with our quality assurance services

  • Dedicated development team

Professional management, quality assurance, and years of development expertise in various domains

  • Maintenance and support

Maintaining your solution after project completion

  • Clear pricing

We establish the cost to develop your product according to your goal

Development process

Software development process

Moqod team works with businesses of any scale: startups, fintech, logistics companies, enterprise-sized organizations, governments, E-commerce. No limits, no restrictions. If your business processes have a challenge that can be solved by smart software, we can help you.

Partnership with an app development agency gives you access to a powerful tool — high-class software engineers team. But our experience and expertise are much broader than standard design and develop, web, app or support. Also we have business acumen and vision to help you to take all the advantages of opportunities in your industry, complete digital transformation.

Our software development process

1. Deep problem understanding

We research the root of the problem to solve and choose the best possible solution together.

2. Storymapping

Employing storymapping techniques, we visualize the user journey to determine the core product goals, functions, and features. We keep our eye on the big picture and perfect every step of the way via elaborate user stories.

3. Design and Concept

We love creating beautiful apps, providing clients with a smooth and pleasant mobile experience. In our software development company, we are experts in all UX/UI design matters.

4. Development

The app development process bases on the industry's main Agile principles, tools, and best practices. In addition, we use Scrum practices and build effective and iterative product delivery.

5. Acceptance testing

Quality software is at the heart of Moqod. Our QA (Quality Assurance) department helps to deliver bug-free mobile apps.

6. SLA Maintenance support

Hosting your app on Amazon Cloud, maintenance updates, monitoring, security, and tech support are all covered by our SLA.

Mobile app development

Mobile App Development

Moqod has strong expertise as an app development company. We develop beautiful user-centric apps thanks to our experience in iOS app development, Android development, and PWA development. Together, we can analyze your project and come up with the best app development option:

  • Native application. We will use our best iOS development and Android development skills to ensure your app is a success.
  • Cross-platform application. Your solution will seamlessly run on two+ platforms.
  • Progressive Web App. For some businesses, PWAs are the perfect match of the website and application functions. A progressive web app At Moqod, we believe that a clever PWA offers interesting possibilities from both app development and website development worlds.

The final choice will depend on your business goals. If you want to cover iPhone users as the goal audience, you will most benefit from iOS web development services.

However, to improve the current website experience without the cost of an app, a PWA can be the answer. For example, Forbes and Washington Post have turned to PWA experience for their readers.

How much does mobile app development cost?

The app development price in different software companies is proportional to what you want, hour rate, development time, and many other factors. We have detailed the price-making in our article on what constitutes an app development cost. If you have more questions on mobile app development pricing, let us know, and we will be happy to help!

My company Tapp has been working with Moqod for over 6 years! Our recent project was an open source platform with AI features. We used to test the new approaches in crowd management and COVID social distancing without collecting personal data. Moqod developed the POC and MVP quickly and easily, all the time we have worked effectively between Kiev and Amsterdam regularly communicating, collaborating and testing.

Tom van Arman

Tom van Arman

Founder & Director at Tapp

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