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Moqod Hits the Mark Again in Emerce 100: Leading the Charge in E-commerce Innovation

Big news: Moqod has landed a spot in the Emerce 100 for 2024! This year’s edition, diving deep into service provider performance, has us shining brightly among the top IT companies in the Netherlands.

Emerce 100 - 2024

The nineteenth edition of this special annual edition by Emerce showcases how industry decision-makers rate service providers across various sectors. Moqod's consistent excellence in delivering cutting-edge e-commerce solutions has been highlighted, marking us among the top IT companies in the Netherlands.

The Emerce100 evaluates companies within five main areas: Agencies, E-business services, Media & Advertising, Software, and Venture, and features an umbrella group: Bureau Groups. The rating, based on a 7-point scale, is the outcome of a meticulous image survey conducted by Motivaction, enriched with relevant market data. Last year, Moqod was ranked first, showcasing our long-standing commitment to excellence and innovation. You can revisit our past achievements in our last year's blog post.

Transformative E-commerce Projects by Moqod

E-commerce continues to reshape the global market, with billions engaging in online transactions every day. Recognizing the expanding need for innovative e-commerce platforms, Moqod has become a trusted partner in developing robust solutions for different types of marketplaces. Here’s a look at some of the transformative projects we’ve spearheaded:

Uber: We partnered with Uber to enhance their market expansion strategy by developing a platform that facilitates the search for competitive lease and insurance rates, streamlining the driver onboarding process. Learn more about our collaboration with Uber and the impact of this platform in our detailed case study.

Whoomp: Whoomp and Moqod developed a pioneering marketplace where the power of pricing is in the hands of consumers. This platform uses real-time data to allow retailers to offer the best possible deals on their products. Dive deeper into the Whoomp project in our case study.

FiveUp: Developed for the Swiss Red Cross, this innovative platform allows users to post and purchase micro-jobs, paving the way for a new kind of gig economy in Switzerland. Discover more about FiveUp and its impact on the Swiss market in our portfolio.

Got an Idea? Let's Build Your E-commerce Empire

Whether you're thinking about launching a marketplace, expanding your e-commerce footprint, or just breaking into online retail, Moqod is your go-to team. We're not just about marketplaces; we're about powering any e-commerce engine you can envision.

Looking to create the next Etsy, revolutionize your supply chain, or simply improve your online sales tactics? We're here to bring your e-commerce dreams to life. Our expertise spans across building dynamic marketplaces, crafting user-friendly shopping platforms, and integrating smart tech to keep you ahead in the digital race.


Celebrate our spot in the Emerce 100 and let it inspire your next big project. Visit our portfolio page to see how we can help you innovate and dominate in the e-commerce arena. Together, let's build something groundbreaking!

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