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The state of tech startup hiring in 2023: key findings from Moqod's survey

We at Moqod have recently conducted a comprehensive survey on tech startups and their hiring models. The survey has revealed several key insights that tech companies can use to attract top talent in their industry. We also assume the Survey will be helpful for global recruiting and digital agencies so they can refine their strategies. The results provide valuable insights for any company looking to optimize its hiring process and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry. Download the full report to learn more about the latest trends in tech startup hiring and how you can improve your recruitment practices.

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In the fast-paced and rapidly changing world of technology, hiring and managing tech teams is a challenge that requires innovative and effective approaches. To understand the industry's current state, Moqod conducted a survey to compare the trends in managing tech teams in Dutch and US tech startups. The study aimed to uncover whether managers still prefer having their employees work in traditional office environments or if remote work has become more widely accepted. Additionally, the survey aimed to determine if an employee's location still matters and if companies have changed their hiring strategies in response to the new reality of a global, remote workforce.

The survey targeted 173 C-level managers of Dutch tech startups and 114 C-level managers of US-based startups nationwide.

The results showed that the landscape of remote work and cross-border employee management differs in the Netherlands and the USA. In the Netherlands, team size and remote work approach are related. In the USA, remote work is widely adopted in companies of different sizes and located in different states. Most of the companies based in the USA have employees who work remotely. Moreover, many of these companies have remote employees working outside the USA, and their percentage ranges from 10% to 100%. While in the Netherlands, companies prefer employees to live in the country or at least be citizens of the EU.

Next, Moqod's survey showed that one of the main challenges faced by IT managers in both countries is the shortage of qualified developers. This shortage leads to growth of rates and salaries, making it difficult to attract and retain top talent. Another challenge is managing remote workers, with issues like low productivity and time zone differences posing difficulties. Multicultural communications also prove to be a challenge, especially in teams where members come from different backgrounds. The uneven workload of the IT team is another issue, with some team members carrying a heavier workload than others. This can lead to low morale and high turnover among specialists. Another challenge mentioned is the growth of rates and salaries, which pressures budgets and HR-related costs.

In some cases, managing remote workers can be difficult, especially in cases where team members are spread across different time zones, and it is challenging to coordinate and prioritize tasks. There can also be issues with unrealistic expectations from university hires, who may need to gain the required skills or experience.

When hiring remote workers in 2023, companies consider various factors such as location, time zone, citizenship, or sometimes language.


As of 2023, tech startups are becoming increasingly global, with more and more companies expanding their operations and seeking customers beyond their home countries. Many factors are driving this trend, including the rise of remote work and digital communication technologies, the growing importance of emerging markets, and the increasing availability of venture capital funding.

If you want to learn more about the global tech startup landscape in 2023, including key trends, challenges, and opportunities, you can download the full report in PDF format below. The report provides a comprehensive overview of how startups manage and hire tech teams worldwide.

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