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Check your application security score

Test your application security score. Get short instant results after the test or request a complete analysis from our cyber security specialists by e-mail. It's your choice. No strings attached.

Is it important for your application data to be strictly confidential?

Is a data breach critical to your business?

Do you have a process for handling data breaches?

Is there a clear desk policy in your company?

Imagine the situation: the system was attacked, or it was hacked, as a result of which downtime was recorded. Could it be devastating to your business if the service does not work for 4 hours?

Could you say your application is easy-to-modify and easy to upgrade? Is it possible to quickly change the development team or outsourcer?

Does your application scale easily? Is it ready for the number of customers two times more than now?

Do you see the possibility of using cloud services to reduce the cost of maintaining your product and increase scalability?

Are you sure all your product developers do not have access to production data?

Are you sure your application is GDPR compliant?

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