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6 Reasons why UX UI design is important for your business

Slava Todavchich

Slava Todavchich

Linkedin November 11, 2021
UX UI Design

Good user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are what will define your product’s conversion and its success, as a result. User experience is the feeling your customer has when he interacts with your product. A meaningful, positive user experience will keep the users loyal to your business and give more insight into their journeys.

At Moqod, we highly value every part of the software development process, and we give special attention to UX UI design. It is the part that connects the goal of the product and how we deliver this goal to the user. Here is why premium quality UI UX design is important for your business.

UX UI Design

1. Increase conversion rates

The process here is simple and solid. Whether you want to be contacted by your prospects, sell a product, get subscribers or encourage downloads, it is through high-quality UX UI design that you will get there. The user experience needs to be qualitative in order to lower bounce rates and get the clients to take the action you need on your page.

UX UI Design

2. Good UX UI design establishes trust, credibility, and loyalty

Good UI design increases user involvement because it defines how users interact with your products on the way to achieving their goals. Seamless UI UX allows creating a stronger link between your customers and your product. Optimized usability of a website has a strong effect on customer satisfaction.

UX UI Design

3. UX design maximizes ROI

ROI (Return on Investment) is a metric that shows how well your financial investment into business has performed — what it has returned to you.
A solid investment into UX UI can turn into ROI.  Forrester Research claims that 50% of potential sales don’t go through because the user couldn’t find the right information. Out of 10 users looking for a way to check out, only one will ask the support team directly. The rest will go onto more user-friendly solutions. Good UX design means that the user can get to the destination quicker, and a good experience is worth 1000 feedbacks.

UX UI Design

4. Right UX improves customer acquisition

You need to convince your customer that your service is worth their money. Client acquisition is a key metric in business. One of the ways to attract new loyal customers is through user experience.

The more appealing your solution, the more competitive advantage you have in front of your competitors. With straightforward features and a seamless experience, you will acquire new clients faster and for less money.

UX UI Design

5. UX enhances SEO

The combo of UX design and good SEO is that optimized SEO with UX work miracles. Let us break it down why.

Imagine you want your business to rank as high as possible for a specific niche keyword, for example, “marketing automation”. You know that when the customer discovers how exceptional your marketing automation solution is, it will be a win-win for you both.

In this case, “marketing automation” is your SEO term. However, when the customer arrives on your page looking for “marketing automation” and he doesn’t see directly what you are offering, chances are he will go with a different service provider.

A search engine will see that even though you are trying to rank for “marketing automation”, the search term is not converting and the potential customer left your page after trying to find “marketing automation” on it. Which is why the search engine has no reason to rank you high for this particular term.

On the other hand, if the search engine sees directly that the customer found what he was looking for on the website, it has every reason to rank you higher for your preferred terms.

UX UI Design

6. UX improves customer retention

Customer retention means making the best of the existing client base and very often you must put in as much work in, as you would do with acquiring customers. Client retention methods is how a business maintains customer connections and encourages permanent income from them.


More customers will want to use a business application that is easy and appealing and this is what you can reach with great UI/UX design.

Reach out to us and we will help you elaborate a new design for a future solution or work on improving the UX UI in the existing one.

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