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Why software cannot be delivered without quality control?

Slava Todavchich

Slava Todavchich

Linkedin June 18, 2018

The development of new software such as an application is always accompanied by an investment in time and money. That is why it is important to ensure that the software functions properly. Quality control is a useful solution for this. Such quality assurance makes the software perform better (and safer) and therefore complies with the latest legislation. Below you can read what you can do with quality control and why your software or app cannot do without.

GDPR requires more quality control

You can compare software development to producing a car. You spend a lot of time, money, and energy on design and production so that you can assure the quality of the product. You want to know how fast the car can reach a hundred kilometers per hour and you want to ensure that the vehicle is safe and does not consume too much fuel. To be sure that all passengers arrive at their destination safely, quickly, and sustainably, there is quality control required. After all, four eyes are able to see much more than two.

The requirements that are placed on software are almost comparable to those that are placed on cars. The recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for example, states that consumer data must be handled with much more precision. Their data must be stored securely, precisely and must not be kept too long. To be sure that you are following the new data legislation, it is advisable to schedule a quality control during the software development. This is the proper way to deal with this legislation and know for sure that it will be met. Additionally, consumers expect that your app or software will also reach 100 kilometers per hour within ten seconds and that the app meets all safety requirements. That is why you should opt for quality control, to ensure that the application is safe, fast, and complies with all the regulations.

Investing in quality control ensures savings

It seems like a contradiction, but it isn’t. In actuality, investing in proper quality control creates long-term savings. That is because the quality of the code improves. This also makes it possible to make adjustments to the software at a later time with greater ease and speed.

Better quality control makes a huge difference in the number of bugs – which are the defects or irregularities in the performance of the software. The fewer bugs a system has, the fewer adjustments need to be made. Also, less time and money would have to be invested in software at a later stage.

Control does not have to be time-consuming

The impression may arise that it is time-consuming to carry out quality control. That is an absolute misunderstanding. It is perfectly possible to integrate a control in the design and production process of software. In fact, we at MOQOD strive to involve the QA Engineers in the project as quickly as possible. Accordingly, the quality of the design and production quickly increases.

Traditional quality requirements are often time-consuming. Time will be saved by opting for a more integrated approach. This makes it possible to apply lean and agile quality requirements. We also keep track of the progress of the project – and any errors made – so that they are prevented in the future.

Here you see more information about Moqod’s QA process in application development.


It is advisable to integrate quality control in the development and production process of an application or software. That is why at MOQOD we have been using such quality assurance for a number of years.

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