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How do we work for making crypto-hardware accessible

Mine crypto from your office or home — wherever you are. Now it is possible with a small-5Watt-consuming device.MNTD., a brand created by RAKwireless (RAK), to make crypto-hardware accessible for everyone. Since Moqod and our friends Apps with love are a part of its development team, we could explain how these miners work in a real time.


RAK made the OG hotspots for Helium and has manufactured the largest number of hotspots deployed to date since then. Helium is a Silicon Valley-based company that establishes the largest decentralized peer-to-peer network for the Internet of Things, The People's Network. Basically, this platform builds the network and transfers IoT device data.

The People's Network is the network that connects IoT devices safely and cost-effectively. It is a so-called LoRaWAN – a low-range, wide-area network that enables energy-efficient data transmission over long distances. A single gateway can cover an area of one to several square kilometers, depending on the circumstances.

You can’t build the network without infrastructure. That’s how Helium Hotspots devices were created in collaboration with Apps with love. Hotspots bring mining to a brand new level. Not a long time ago, we couldn’t even imagine that installing a simple device on a window would be enough for working with cryptocurrency. Hotspots made it real.

Can you believe that it’s not only compact but also eco-friendly? We already know some differences with classic mining, but here’s another one: a Helium Hotspot consumes as much energy as an LED lamp, it’s just about 5 watts.

You can think of a router to have a better understanding of Hotspots: it’s like an IoT router for IoT devices and sensors to have access to the Internet. It is literally a bridge between the wireless IoT network and the Internet.

How does it work?

You earn the cryptocurrency for building network coverage and transmitting device data. So, the more data a Hotspot transmits, the more HNTs (Helium Network Token) you get. There also are "proof-of-coverage tests" to make sure that hotspots actually provide legitimate wireless coverage. As well as earning HNT, you also help local businesses build powerful wireless devices and sensor applications.

For more hardware and software solutions, check RAK's website.

If you install a hotspot device in a region that is not well-covered at the moment, you can gain more. It is also crucial to get access to the surroundings when installing your device. If you can do it on a roof, for example, it would be much better.


These miners are extremely popular now, so you have to try really hard to get your hotspot. Well, we can assure you they are worth trying.  Hotspots for The Peoples’ Network have a people-first approach. MNTD. was created to offer a more consumer-friendly approach and customer support. Everything to make them available to everyone.

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