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Moqod helps tech startups and scale-ups to implement digital solutions, such as apps, web platforms, and SaaS, that bring ideas into life and help to grow fast.

Do you want to build an app or web application?

Develop MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to validate market fit

Moqod works with entrepreneurs on the various stages of their ventures' life circles assisting them in scaling and growing with a mean of technologies. Together with the client, we go far beyond technology implementations. Due to working with Moqod startups kickoff without technical management on board. Bittiq and Learned are recent examples of this successful cooperation.

Deeper dive into the problem being solved with the innovation

We share knowledge and feedback to ensure that the solution we provide fits the problem you are trying to address.

  • Validate an idea

    Validate an idea

    Depending on the stage, build a clickable version, working prototype, or an MVP to validate the concept and get first clients exposure. Employ the proper toolkit of technologies available on the market for a powerful start and further scalability

  • Attract an investor

    Attract an investor

    Utilize our strategic, delivery-focused business experience and knowledge, and get business advice of experienced entrepreneurs to obtain necessary funding on the relevant stage

  • Scale


    Ready for a change? Transform using our comprehensive, growth-driven agile approach in implementing innovative technologies, to gain more profit, and become a prosper sustainable business

  • Get a constant support

    Get a constant support

    Get a Dedicated team with full-stack tech skill set to secure your startups' success even without your own CTO on site

    Our tech stack for your disposal:



Bittiq is the latest innovation in fin-tech. This app analyses your bank account, categorizes, and analyzes how users spend their money. The app can also see where you can save money and which subscriptions you can get cheaper. Moqod developed this app together with Bittiq for Bunq, the first online-only bank in the Netherlands. It will be available for other banks as well.
Case study:
Bittiq →


Whoppah is the smart first class in the second-hand marketplace for your home. On Whoppah, you can buy and sell second-hand items, handmade items, showroom models, and vintage design classics. From art to furniture, from modern to antique, you will certainly find something you like.
Case study:
Whoppah →


Learned is a solution for continuous performance management that help businesses to engage their employees and increase their productivity. Learned is designed to easily structure and automate continuous performance management processes such as coaching one-on-ones, goal setting interviews, performance reviews, and learning management.
Case study:
Learned →

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