Save by hiring software developers remotely

Estimate how much you can save by hiring remote team of software developers vs hiring in-house.

Moqod will hire, set up and manage your own team of software developers in Ukraine. Any technology stack, excellent skills, fully managed, flexible contract. Moqod guarantees best candidates that match your requirements.

How does it work?

Customer provides us with job description and requirements

It is important for our recruitment to understand the skills, level and expertise you are looking for. What is your project about? What is the team like? What will be the person’s daily tasks and roles?


We identify the right candidate based on your criteria within our network. We conduct initial screening interview to evaluate soft skills, language and motivation.

Initial tech review

Our technical experts conduct a detailed interview with the candidates to estimate his knowledge and professional skills. An evaluation report is provided to customers.

Customer interview

Matching candidates are advised for customer interview. You speak with the candidates and see if there is a match with your culture, values and expectations. On-site trip to Kiev or your office can be organized.

Job offer and contract

We know the market prices and can help you make the right decision. Time to sign the papers!

Ongoing reviews

We regularly track team performance to make adjustments in real-time. Frequent, informal check-ins make process collaborative and innovative and ensure all team members efforts towards achieving clients goals.

High quality of education

Long traditions and reputation of countries with a solid technical education.


Shared values of creativity and openness make communication with the team easy and fun.


We ensure the proper level of spoken English of our team.

Similar time zones

Our business hours are the same, it is easy to stay in interaction with the team and get timely responses.

Easy travel

Direct flights, no visa requirements with Ukraine, travel takes only a few hours for face-to-face meetings.

Dutch management

The leadership and design team is located in the Netherlands.

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