Save by hiring remote developers from Moqod

Use this calculator to estimate how much you save if you hire a remote dedicated team of software developers compared to hiring developers in-house.

What specialists do you need for your project?
Select technology
Select the required experience
Amount of people
Contract duration, months
Hiring from Moqod will cost you €4,712 per month
Hiring in-house will cost you €7,459 per month
You save €8,239 (36%) per chosen period
Onboarding lead time 4 weeks!
Moqod saves
you per 3 months
If you hire a remote team from Moqod
If you hire staff in the Netherlands
Gross salary per month
per year
Your work-related costs, incl.:
Costs that occur once:
Hiring costs (costs related to vacancy, advertising, interviewing, recruitment, onboarding)
Work-related costs do not
occur as
Moqod manages
staff acquisition and
Costs that occur every month:
Travel expenses (traveling by private transport reimbursement)
Social security and taxes
Employee perks (e.g., parties, lunch)
8% holiday allowance
Total cost per employee per month
Number of employees
Contract duration, months
Costs per month
Total per 3 months
€8,239 (36%)

Do you want to see CVs of our team? Send us a message with technical expertise and a level of experience needed, and we will email you.


Junior Engineer, 1-2 years of experience
Middle Engineer, 2-5 years of experience
Senior Engineer, 5-8 years of experience
Calculations are based on 261 working days, 40 working hours per week in the Netherlands in 2019
Calculations are based on 249 working days, 40 working hours per week in Ukraine in 2019


Our teams are located in Ukraine, Russia, and Poland — countries that are known for the availability of technical talents

Developers from Eastern Europe share the same cultural values with Western Europe and have a similar mentality.

  • New better digital tools for the employees
    High quality of education

    Long traditions and reputation of countries with a solid technical education.

  • Mentality

    Shared values of creativity and openness make communication with the team easy and fun.

  • Engage with your customers

    We ensure the proper level of spoken English of our team.

  • Form new sales channels
    Similar time zones

    Our business hours are the same, it is easy to stay in interaction with the team and get timely responses.

  • Transform your product
    Easy travel

    Direct flights, no visa requirements with Ukraine, travel takes only a few hours for face-to-face meetings.

  • Living is innovating!
    Dutch management

    The leadership and design team is located in the Netherlands.

How will Moqod support you?

Moqod strives to establish an effective relationships and cooperation between the customer and developers. We do this by assigning a customer success manager who ensures best practices are being followed both technically and process-wise.

  • Any technology stack

    You are not limited by technologies your personnel already have. You are able to choose the stack that will bring you the most value at the moment.

  • New better digital tools for the employees
    Fully managed and controlled

    You can focus on the tasks crucial for your business and leave day-to-day software development management tasks to us. We also take care of building effective and secure communication with your dedicated team.

  • Engage with your customers
    Flexible contracts

    You don't have to worry about keeping your team busy. You pay only for the work done. Depending on the nature of your business, you are able to choose the contracting model appropriate at the moment

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