Fully managed remote teams of software developers employed for your projects

Moqod will hire, set up and manage your own team of software developers in Ukraine. Any technology stack, excellent skills, fully managed, flexible contract. Moqod guarantees best candidates that match your requirements.

Reasons to consider

Reasons to consider
Excellent IT talent
Ukrainian software developers are known for good skillset and personality.
Reasons to consider
Low cost
Good quality software developers in various technologies for reasonable cost
Reasons to consider
Fast recruitment
Average lead time to close a vacancy is one month. Any team size and technology.
Reasons to consider
Why Ukraine?
No visa required for EU & US citizens. 3-hour flight from most European capitals.

Values we add

  • Moqod - Teams
    Financial and legal support
    Your remote team at Moqod is literally your staff under our umbrella of financial, legal and management support.
  • Moqod - Teams
    Process and technology review
    With our internal expertise Moqod helps to identify the right candidates matching the skillset and ensure carrier growth.
  • Moqod - Teams
    Cultural and language trainings
    Moqod ensures reliable communication between the customer and his team. We set up an infrastructure for language classes and cultural exchange.
  • Moqod - Teams
    Personality matching
    Soft skills matter! Good team work and results are reached by the right combination of characters.

What’s the cost?

Transparent cost structure. You pay a small monthly fee on top of developer’s gross salary. No other costs!

How does it work?

  1. Customer provides a job description and requirements It is important for our recruitment to understand the skills, level and expertise you are looking for. What is your project about? What is the team like? What will be the person’s daily tasks and roles?
  2. Screening We identify the right candidate based on your criteria within our network. We conduct initial screening interview to evaluate soft skills, language and motivation.
  3. Initial tech review Our technical experts conduct a detailed interview with the candidates to estimate his knowledge and professional skills. An evaluation report is provided to customers.
  4. Customer interview Matching candidates are advised for customer interview. You speak with the candidates and see if there is a match with your culture, values and expectations. On-site trip to Kiev or your office can be organized.
  5. Job offer and contract We know the market prices and can help you make the right decision. Time to sign the papers!
  6. Ongoing reviews Our goal is to make everyone happy and reach your business goals. We conduct regular evaluation sessions with the team and customer.

Apps with Love AG

Since 2012 Moqod has worked with Apps with Love AG (appswithlove.com) on multiple projects of all sizes and types. Apps with Love is a multiple award-winning app development agency from Bern, Switzerland. Apps with Love is also one of the best-known and biggest app agencies on the Swiss market.
Apps with Love AG

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