Fully managed remote teams of software developers employed for your project

Save up to 70% development costs

We support you

Moqod will hire, set up and manage a dedicated team of software developers in Eastern Europe at your disposal. Any technology stack, excellent skills: we offer the best candidates that match your requirements. We strive to establish an effective relationships and smooth communication between the customer and developers. 

Any technology stack

You are not limited by technologies your personnel already have. You are able to choose the stack that will bring you the most value at the moment.

Established processes

You can focus on the tasks crucial for your business and leave day-to-day software development management tasks to us.

Flexible contracts

You don't have to worry about keeping your team busy. You pay only for the work done. Depending on the nature of your business, you are able to choose the contracting model appropriate at the moment.

Our teams are located in Ukraine, Russia, and Poland — countries that are known for the availability of technical talents

Developers from Eastern Europe share the same cultural values with Western Europe and have a similar mentality.

We add value

Financial and legal support

Your remote team at Moqod is literally your staff under our umbrella of financial, legal and management support.

Cultural and language trainings

Moqod ensures reliable communication between the customer and his team. We set up an infrastructure for language classes and cultural exchange.

Process and technology review

With our internal expertise Moqod helps to identify the right candidates matching the skillset and ensure career growth.

Personality matching

Soft skills matter! Good team work and results are reached by the right combination of characters.

Our work example

Since 2012 Moqod has worked with Apps with Love AG (appswithlove.com) on multiple projects of all sizes and types. Apps with Love is an award-winning app development agency from Bern, Switzerland. Apps with Love is also one of the best-known and biggest app agencies on the Swiss market.

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