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Fully managed remote teams of top-class software developers

Moqod is ready to onboard within 4 weeks. Our experience with the best corporates and startups, as well as our excellent level of English, are at your disposal.

We support you

Moqod will hire, set up, and manage a dedicated team of software developers in Eastern Europe for you. We select the best candidates to match your requirements and goals. Our goal is to establish an effective relationship and smooth communication between the customer and the developers.

Any technology stack

You are not limited by the technologies you already have. Instead, with us, you choose the technology that will bring the most value to your project.

Established processes

You can focus on the tasks crucial for your business and leave the day-to-day software development management tasks to us.

Flexible contracts

Pay only for the work done. Depending on your business’s nature, you can choose the contracting model appropriate at the moment. You don't have to worry about keeping your team busy.

Our teams are located in Eastern Europe — the pool of skilled technical talents.

Our developers share the same values and mentality with the Western world.

We add value

Financial and legal support

Your remote team at Moqod is under our financial, legal, and management support umbrella.

Cultural and language training

Moqod ensures reliable communication between the customer and his team. In addition, we set up an infrastructure for language classes and cultural exchange.

Process and technology review

Moqod helps to identify the suitable candidates matching the skillset and ensure career growth.

Personality matching

Soft skills matter! Good teamwork and results are reached by the right combination of skills and values.

Apps with Love AG

Since 2012 Moqod has worked with Apps with Love AG (appswithlove.com) on multiple projects of all sizes and types. Apps with Love is an award-winning app development agency from Bern, Switzerland. Apps with Love is also one of the best-known and biggest app agencies on the Swiss market.

Current team size: 12 employees

Technology: mobile (iOS, Android, Flutter), backend (.NET).

Duration: 2012 till now.

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Learned.io (Utrecht)

Learned is a talent management platform that provides the tools to bridge the gap between companies and employees.

Current team size: 4 employees

Technology: Python Django, mobile (iOS, Android), AWS.

Duration: 2018 till now.

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Solutions Factory Consulting GmbH (Austria)

Solutions Factory Consulting GmbH is a process consulting and ERP implementation company with accompanying technological consulting. Solutions Factory is a subsidiary of Cegeka (https://www.cegeka.com/).

Current team size: 1 employees

Technology: Microsoft Dynamics, jQuery.

Duration: 2020 till now.

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Solutions Factory

Bittiq B.V. (Utrecht)

Bittiq offers aggregation of financial data, smart data analytics and tools for financial well-being. We enable companies to leverage secure access to financial secure access to financial data to improve their services.

Current team size: 4 employees

Technology: Python Django, mobile (iOS, Android), AWS.

Duration: 2018 till now.

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XtremePush Ltd. (Dublin, Ireland)

Xtremepush is the world’s leading Multichannel Engagement & Experience Platform. Channels include; web, app & social engagement.

Current team size: 2 employees

Technology: PHP 7.4, Yii2, Vue.js.

Duration: 2013 till now.

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Xtreme Push

DGN Publishers B.V. (Amsterdam)

DGN Group is the company behind ZorgKiezer.nl, Hypotheek24.nl en DeGoedkoopsteNotaris.nl

Current team size: 2 employees

Technology: PHP 7.4, Symfony 5.2, MySQL 5.7.

Duration: 2020 till now.

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