Story Mapping: getting into your user’s mind

At Moqod, we strongly believe that mapping out a user journey makes the development process more efficient. Together we will help you get from a product idea to where your customer wants to get by using Story Mapping.

Imagine being able to predict your client’s behavior and offer him a product that gets him right where he needs to get. You will identify your ideal customer(s) because this is what Story Mapping is for: making the product as prepared and sure-fire as possible for your user. Moqod has been implementing Story Mapping into the development process for years, saving our clients time and money at the same time.

Story Mapping: you focus on the user and get the result for yourself

We will be working together on customizing features for all the possible user personas your product may get. How? Together, we will arrange the main tasks and subtasks of the product and test them, while identifying the user behavior for your final result.

Are you interested in mapping out a development process?

Why is Story Mapping so attractive?

We share information and input to guarantee that the arrangement we offer fits the problem you’re attempting to address.

It is as simple as a whiteboard with sticky notes.

You take a step back, take a look at the board with the main tasks on top and their sub-tasks below. Together we can rearrange them, get rid of unnecessary features and add new ones you imagined in the process.

It makes the process flexible

The possibility to make adjustments while developing your product keeps you away from unnecessary surprises in the final product.

It helps you set your priorities straight

You are also part of the process. At Moqod we encourage our clients to do Story Mapping with us. You tell us what you’ve imagined and together we map everything out on the mentioned whiteboard.

We work together on it

With Story Mapping, you know what the next step should be. If ever there is a doubt, there is always room for change.

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Story Mapping tells your user’s journey with your product and the user in the center. We are firm adherents of this practice and we encourage you to take a closer look at how your business can benefit from Story Mapping.

Our work example

SupportPoints is a Dutch online digital platform that connects clients with PLC problems with experts who support malfunctioning PLC’s and software modifications. With an international network of 2.500, PLC-experts SupportPoints provides the knowledge and know-how to serve any controllers, both obsolete and more recent from the major brands like Siemens, ABB, Allen-Bradley, and Schneider Electrics.

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