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Full-cycle software development of custom solutions

We develop user-centric beautiful apps from concept design till successful launch.

We develop software from concept to release

We create, maintain, and support reliable, scalable on-premise software products for startups, companies, communities, and government institutions. As experienced software developers, we develop high-quality custom systems, helping clients to digitalize their operations and to integrate digital experiences into their existing business model.

To ensure that your software is a success, we dive deep into the problem being solved with the technology, and share our knowledge and feedback to fit the solution to the problem you are trying to address. Together with the client, we look at the business model, target audience, integrations, and the further scale-up opportunities.

Development of tailor-made robust enterprise-level software solutions, like ERP systems, SaaS, Peer-to-peer platforms, etc.

Architecten van digitalisering en automatisering van verschillende bedrijfsprocessen, gebruikmakend van opkomende technologieën.

Out-of-the-box innovative thinking combined with outstanding engineering skills.

Deep knowledge and expertise in a wide range of mobile or web trending technologies for B2B and B2C sectors.

Agile teams with stable mature Scrum processes. Utilizing modern tool set to support effective communication.

Professional management, quality assurance, and years of development expertise in various domains

Software development expertise


Our software development process


Deep problem understanding

Together with the client, we research the root of the problem being solved with innovation to ensure the best possible solution found.


Visualize User Stories

We employ Scrum technique to visualize user journeys using story-mapping techniques and to flash out core product goals, functions, and features.


Design and Concept

We create user-centric UI designs which people find pleasant and UX designs giving users the best digital experience.


Software Development

The development process at Moqod is based on core Agile principles, tools, and best practices of the industry and proven by many years of experience.


Acceptance Testing

Quality software is at the heart of Moqod. Our QA (Quality Assurance) department helps to deliver bug-free products.


SLA Maintenance Support

Hosting on Amazon Cloud, maintenance updates, monitoring, and tech support are covered by our SLA.

Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure)

Moqod has worked for Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Transport and Environment) on different projects. One of the projects is about the digitalization of so-called Scenarios or Response Plans. Governments use response plan to plan a range of traffic measures, such as marks along the roads and traffic lights.

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