PWA: The next big thing for the mobile web

Moqod helps businesses from various sectors of expertise to implement digital solutions, including Progressive Web App. Together we bring various ideas to life and apply innovative strategies.

The development of a Progressive Web App (PWA) requires a skilled approach. For more than ten years, we’ve been developing custom mobile web apps for clients from different industries, delivering user-centric apps fast and effectively. A PWA is a type of a website, which shares a lot of advantages with a regular mobile app. We are happy to help you with the development of your app idea and find a proper solution together. Moqod: full service Progressive Web App (PWA) developer at your service.

Progressive Web Apps have the power to give CMOs and their brands the edge

Moqod works with entrepreneurs on all the stages of their ventures’ life circles assisting them in scaling and growing with means of technologies. Together with the client, we go above and beyond simply implementing technology. Today users do almost everything on their phones, so providing the best mobile experience for them is a must. How could we do it in a fast and efficient way? Creating a PWA is one of the best alternatives for companies to achieve  customer’s satisfaction. Businesses have a lot to gain from implementing a Progressive Web App.

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Advantages of a PWA

We share knowledge and feedback to ensure that the solution we provide fits the problem you are trying to solve.

PWAs have a "lower usage threshold"

The threshold is quite low because no new app needs to be downloaded. Therefore, your target group can test the app without obligation. This makes it a perfect solution for an MVP to validate your business model. Moreover, PWA also takes up less memory than native apps, which sometimes is a criteria in user’s decision-making.

PWAs are cheaper than other applications

The content is produced only once, it is less time consuming and requires less money than to make content separately for iOS, Android, and a website. Users do not need to update it, and from the moment a PWA works, you no longer have to worry about its development. This makes PWAs a financially attractive alternative to other options.

PWAs work offline

PWAs can be used even when offline. Great news for companies with product catalogs because it allows their customers to browse products everywhere, even offline, which increases user engagement rates and potentially leads to higher revenue.

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PWAs combine the best of the web and the best of the apps, helping businesses increase conversions and page visits, and extend sessions’ length.

At Moqod we help our clients make calculated and reviewed decisions about choosing the best Progressive Web App development solution for their project.

Our work example

Project EZ Factory is an iPad and web application developed for a Dutch customer who provides process and continuous improvement consultancy services to large factories.

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