Minimum viable product
from €5000 and 3 weeks!

MVP stands for ‘Minimum Viable Product’ or in other words: the bare basics, the smallest, most minimalist version of the product that solves your immediate problems. MVPs are used to test the product-market fit without spending too much. It is an ideal way to get to the first version of your product that your customers can start using!
  • Moqod - MVP
    Product Study
    We help you outline core values, specify features, and create a basic design.
  • Moqod - MVP
    A typical MVP can be a lightweight web or mobile app and will be developed in quick iterations.
  • Moqod - MVP
    Product ready for market validation. Your first customers will be able to use it instantly!

Our Approach

  1. Define key values and goals of the product.
    Specify the main features for development. Up to 4 hours of free consultancy for design, technology, or product.
  2. One iteration of the design.
    Limited amount of iterations of development. We typically employ one project manager, a designer, and at least one developer to quickly build your product! This small team builds a limited amount of fast iterations your workable product.
  3. Deployment We can help you deploy and roll out your MVP. Be it App Store, custom builds, or published online, we help you deploy and distribute it securely.
  4. Market validation. Customer conducts initial product validation on the market and is able to attract first customers with the product.

What’s next

  • Moqod - MVP
    Complete project
  • Moqod - MVP
    Per-hour engagement
  • Moqod - MVP
    Dedicated team
  • Moqod - MVP
    Team relocation


Shyppe is a successful Dutch startup that revolutionizes container shipment across the globe. Moqod released the initial MVP for Shypple which was the technical foundation for further success. In short - Shypple is an easy way for customers to view costs for cargo shipment, make bookings, and follow their shipment status. Before Shypple this was a non-transparent old fashioned business.
Case study:
Shypple →

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