Flutter: powerful cross-platform development

Moqod employs emerging tools to the make app development process smooth and effective. Flutter is the frameworks that allows us to offer our clients cost- and time-effective mobile development solution.

For more than ten years, we develop custom mobile apps for clients from various industries, delivering user-centric apps fast and effectively. We constantly experiment with various toolkits. Recently launched, Flutter has become one of our favorite SDK for cross-platform development projects. It offers a revolutionary approach to building beautiful UI for mobile apps, helping us to perfect the process of mobile delivery.

Develop for all devices at the same time

Flutter is a trending approach to building great native apps. It saves time during writing code while it also helps to maintain sufficient quality testing and compiling data. Flutter is an excellent solution for teams with smart, collaborative environment. Being an open-source toolkit, Flutter code is shared, preventing vendor locks in the future. 

Are you interested in developing a mobile app employing Flutter?

Why Flutter is great for your app

Fast, smooth and predictable mobile apps development for multiple platforms.

No more double work

As Flutter can be integrated into existing applications, this makes it a more versatile toolkit, saving programmers from the duplicated effort.

Visible real-time changes

As the work is performed in a real-time environment, programmers don't have to restart an application whenever they want to see the change. They also can undo the change if necessary. This saves time, helps to minimize errors, and thus makes UI design implementation faster.

Decreased time for Quality Assurance

As the app is running on two devices with the same piece of code, the time spent on testing can be measurably reduced.

Improved team communication

Working in the same environment simultaneously leads to team unity both internally and among teams. It allows us to formulate a clear vision for everyone, which leads to general better multifunctional team performance.

Other mobile development expertise

Although Flutter has relatively new, it has widespread developer community, excellent documentation, support base and offers faster time-to-market.

We at Moqod help our clients to make conscious decisions about choosing the best cross-platform development solution fitting their project.

Our work example

There’s a difference between feeling safe and being safe. Together with Coremans Consultancy, Moqod launched 500Feet mobile app, which is now officially live on.

Flutter vs React Native

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