Firebase: Excellent solution for MVP

Moqod has successfully worked on several projects using Firebase and we can affirm its efficiency. This comprehensive app development platform will help you build your app fast, improve your app’s quality in the process, overcome any demanding challenges.

At any point of building your MVP you will need to store data or large users’ files. Imagine having a tool that does everything for you. We firmly believe that Firebase is a great solution for your product which will save you time and money in the long run. Firebase boasts several criteria which make it the most advantageous solution for your MVP.


Credibility and experience

Firebase rhymes with Google and Google rhymes with experience and efficiency. It also means that it’s a permanently evolving tool, given Google’s permanent strive for improvement. Using Firebase for you is a guarantee of saving time and unnecessary headache because configuring Firebase is very quick.

Moqod has considerable experience in helping our clients get off on the right foot with Firebase for their first projects. We will guide you through all the integrated features and the set-up process and make sure you are using this tool to its full potential – there is a lot of it.

Are you interested in using Firebase in your project?

Advantages of Firebase

Firebase boasts several criteria which make it the most advantageous solution for your MVP.


A lot of features come with Firebase right away and a built-in infrastructure helps save a lot of time on set-ups.


Firebase comes with several key integrations, which help you make the most of using the solution. Since it’s backed by Google, you can directly use Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Play Store. Other integrations help you simplify the work with your team, such as Slack, PagerDuty and Jira. DataStudio and BigQuery are made for working with data: analyze it, visualize it, and work without a data administrator. ​

Real-time monitoring

You can work on data in real time and you can also monitor the performance of your product from the user’s side, which is a huge advantage when you are working on an MVP.

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We have analyzed all the advantages and possible bumps in the road of Firebase as a backend solution for your MVP. We have also compared it to other popular suggestions, and we will let you decide what to pick but for us the winner is clear.

 Would you like to learn more on how Firebase is the ideal solution? We got it all figured out for you.

Spoiler alert: we will show you how to save at least 22 hours of development simply by picking Firebase.

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