Effective design process inspired by Google’s Design Sprint Kit.

We selected these methods after studying a large number of businesses strategy, design thinking, user research, and psychology techniques. We refined the most effective methods and arranged them into a framework that supports both divergent thinking (free-form creative brainstorming) and convergent thinking (linear, logical thinking).
  1. Think
  2. Sketch
  3. Define
  4. Prototype
  5. Validate

What exactly is it?

Moqod - Design
During the Understand phase, your team comes together to explore the business problem from all angles. You’ll create shared knowledge and essentially unite under a shared brain.
Moqod - Design
During the Sketch phase, individual team members are given the time and space to brainstorm solutions on their own.
Moqod - Design
The Decide phase is when the team chooses which ideas should be prototyped.
Moqod - Design
In the context of Design Sprint, we use the word prototype in a slightly different way than in standard product development. A design sprint prototype is a facade of the experience you have envisioned in the sketch phase.
Moqod - Design
The Validate phase is the Design Sprint moment of truth. Your team will finally get to see live users interact with their ideas and hear direct feedback from your target audience.


Bittiq is the latest innovation in fin-tech. This app analyses your bank account, categorizes, and analyzes how users spend their money. The app can also see where you can save money and which subscriptions you can get cheaper. Moqod developed this app together with Bittiq for Bunq, the first online-only bank in the Netherlands. It will be available for other banks as well.
Case study:
Bittiq →

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