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Software concept and design creation

From concept to release, we are focused on developing great software with a vital business model and user-centric design. We help our clients to build the initial version of the product, an MVP or prototype, to validate product-market fit within a short time and minimum investments.

Teams of software developers on demand

Whether you need to build a product, or augment your team, Moqod has the best talents from Eastern Europe to offer. Moqod helps to hire, onboard, and manage dedicated remote teams of software developers with the demanded technology stack and domain expertise.

Software development

For more than 10 years we build complex SaaS, e-commerce solutions, peer-to-peer platforms, PWAs, etc. We are experts in emerging cloud technologies, like AWS and Google Cloud, as well as in AI and machine learning solutions, voice and video recognition, smart chatbots, etc.

Mobile apps development

We create top-notch Uber-like mobile applications using the best practice in cross-platform development. Our agile, iterative app development process consists of fast release cycles, quick feedback rounds, quality assurance, and post-release maintenance.

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