Your own agile 
development team…

In Short

Good talent
Ukrainian developers known as top talent in Europe.
Low cost
At least twice cheaper than inhouse development in the EU or the US.
Fast recruitment
We hire your developer within 2-3 weeks.
Why Ukraine?
No visa required for EU & US citizens.
3-hour flight from most European capitals.
Attractive tourist locations.
Moqod expands customer’s teams with nearshore developers from Eastern Europe. Today developers from Ukraine or Russia are known as a mark for top quality and good price. We give you access to hundreds of thousands of IT talent for your business.
Read more... Your remote team at Moqod is literally your staff under our umbrella of financial, legal, management and technical support. What makes this model so attractive? – Talents, our recruitment network, 2-hour flight distance from Amsterdam, flexible commitment and of course the price. Our estimations show it’s about twice cheaper to run a nearshore team with Moqod, than hiring internally. No joke!


Launch a managed team
Dedicated developers work exclusively on your projects under your direct management and supervision. Complete transparency.
Literally this is YOUR team.
We create it for you.
We hire developers based on your requirements. The team becomes your extension, follows your processes and shares your culture.
Any team size and technology
We have access to talent in largest cities and maintain a network of recruitment consultants. With many years of experience in software development we have strong knowledge of most programming languages and tools.
Recruitment and on-boarding period
2-4 weeks.
We conduct market scan for the required skills.
We handle initial intro and technical interviews.
You make the final decision about the candidates.


Over 1 million population.
3rd largest IT hub in Ukraine.
Over 4 million population.
2-3 hours flight from most EU capitals.
Main IT hub in Ukraine and one
of the largest in Europe.
Over 1.5 million population.
2nd largest IT hub in Ukraine.


At least twice cheaper than in-house team
Moqod ensures reliable communication and process between the customer and his team
Fast recruitment and on-boarding
Guarantee of stable team and work environment. Substitute dismissal.
No bureaucratic hassle
Many years of experience in software development and managing remote teams


Moqod handles
All stages of recruitment and retention process. Provide legal and financial advice. Comfortable office space. Substitute in case of leave or dismissal.
Makes final hiring decision.
Manages the team directly.
Extra Services
Technology and product consultancy.
Coaching on specific technical subjects. Workshops.

Let's set up your dedicated team!