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Access to a larger pool of highly skilled professionals
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Bring international diversity to your product
Finding proper IT talent is quite hard. Particularly in the Netherlands there is a huge shortage of skilled IT personnel. Moqod fills the gap by bringing top talent from Eastern Europe. We handle everything during the relocation process: candidates screening, interviews, legal support, documentation and housing. Low risk, high reward!
Moqod has access to top IT professionals in Eastern Europe and experience in all aspects of talent relocation.
Screening interviews
Based on the job requirements Moqod will scan local markets for matching candidates and provide an estimation for closing this vacancy.
Preliminary interviews
Based on the requirements and internal knowledge Moqod will handle initial technical interviews to identify the candidate's tech and soft skills.
Customer interviews
Relevant candidates are proposed to the customer. Customer will make the decision based on candidate's profile and skills. Travel assistance for on-site interviews can be provided by Moqod. Possibility for a remote no- commitment 1-3 months trial period.
Legal, financial and travel support during relocation
Experienced in the subject of relocation to the Netherlands and connections in the immigration services Moqod will provide the help to speed up on-boarding, travel and housing.
On-going account management and retention
We keep in touch with our candidates and their employees making sure that everyone is happy and motivated. Moqod will serve as support in case of any issues.
Moqod provides a six months warranty for unsuccessful hires might the candidate resign or be dismissed. We will not charge a service fee for finding a substitution.
Customer will cover travel costs for the candidate including the necessary fees related to immigration. It is strongly advised to provide a relocation package.
Moqod will receive a service fee on the first day of work and when the candidate has successfully passed the trial period. No pre-payment or per-resume charges!

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