Expertise in embedded and hardware engineering. Skilled to build smart devices for virtually anything.
Industrial design
Create 2D and 3D models of the device. Analyze mechanics and connection flow. Feasibility study.
Prototype development
Research possible options for implementation. 3D printing of hardware parts. Assemble controllers and software for them.
Complete production cycle of the solution. Testing and delivery. Moqod is MFi certified for production of Apple accesories
The Internet of Things is everywhere now as more smart devices appear in our life. Demand to develop such devices is growing every day.
Moqod can help you prototype and build virtually any device and software to control it. We specialize in embedded and hardware engineering, industrial design (both 2D and 3D), analysis, mechanics, developing prototypes and delivering complete production cycles.
Case Study: 
Dog feeder
The main purpose of the solution is to feed pets remotely while you are far away from home.
Hardware and software
After two rounds of prototyping the team have chosen a solution based on Arduino, ESP wi-fi module and servo-engine. The actual feeder has been printed on a 3D printer.
The feeder is controlled and operated by Telegram and Facebook bot commands, so all you need to do to feed your pet is to write a message in Telegram or Facebook.
The whole process took 2 months. We delivered the actual device, firmware for controllers and software for the whole solution.

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