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Palladio is a company providing management and related courses in government and related organizations.

As part of the courses organized by Palladio it is necessary to conduct tests with the calculation of the results, according to complex formulas, where the weight of each answer to each question matters, in order to assign students to different groups and determine the appropriate training program. It is labour and time-consuming to gather participants, carry out such testing, collect answers and calculate the results manually.

The approach
The solution required lightweight tools to implement the necessary calculation logic and interaction with users with the lowest development costs.

The result
So we developed a complex solution: mobile Android and iOS applications for participants to perform quizzes and collect data for backend; backend part where all data is being processed and the results are being prepared; and CMS (Content Management System) to manage questions, user accounts and other data.
For the server side the Firebase was the perfect platform, which allows to quickly deploy a backend and implement operations with user accounts without worrying about maintaining a healthy server with the necessary environment – all this is being provided by Google “out of the box”. And with Firebase you can deploy your own CMS without using additional hosting.

We used the Flutter toolkit to develop a mobile app. It reduces development time and costs approximately by 1.5 times with the same experience of end users. As a result, testing within Palladio courses is fully automated, the administrator only needs to indicate which users will participate in the test and receive the results by mail after completion. Also a flexible reporting system was implemented in the CMS with a visual data presentation as graphs.

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