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SupportPoints is a Dutch online digital platform that connects clients with PLC problems with experts who support malfunctioning PLC’s and software modifications. With an international network of 2.500, PLC-experts SupportPoints provides the knowledge and know-how to serve any controllers, both obsolete and more recent from the major brands like Siemens, ABB, Allen-Bradley, and Schneider Electrics.



It is a common practice that well-established companies rely on PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) that has been in place for many years, while the PLC manufacturer no longer provides technical support for aging equipment. So, what happens when the system malfunctions? This is a problem many production teams face.


SupportPoints knows that speed is of the essence. In many cases, the correct PLC support is unavailable, or slow-to-respond, which can lead to lengthy and costly lapses in production. With that in mind, SupportPoints delivers 24/7 PLC assistance within minutes due to worldwide time differences. Moqod was the development partner to validate this idea. Within a few quick iterations, we delivered the product which was released successfully to the market.


SupportPoints is a smart user-centric Saas platform, with an intuitive interface. With developing SupportPoints, we employed the best practices of building web platforms with complex logic while making it easy to support and keeping in mind future growth and scalability.

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